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An education isn’t how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It’s being able to differentiate between what you do know and what you don’t. “- Anatoly France. A quote that best labels the scenario of what we re having right now, which is entirely about student whom experience to have failing grades.

Nowadays, more and more students were attracted to take up computer related courses such as Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, and Computer Sciences, because of its flexibility and being in-demand from local to foreign, from here and overseas. Information Technology graduates were been called for a lot of jobs and career opportunities, on the other hand, what if those I. T. Graduates leaved poor grades? Can they still have better doors for success? The question is, how come does this thing happen anyways?

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Computer subject is been part of the growing culture of the curriculum of Information Technology most of the reasons are that it teaches lessons such as Visual Basic Java, Turbo C++, Turbo C#, Turbo C etc. , whom develop students to be professional, skilled and globally competitive person here and abroad in the field of creating programs and more. Momentarily, complications and hindrances can t deny through all of those things such as failing or having poor grades. Does understanding on the language used in discussion, culture shock or is it just the student itself.

II. Statement of the Problem In teaching computer programming, the goal is to create over a period Of mime the capabilities of the students required of a professional programmer. Beginning Information Technology students suffer from a wide range of difficulties. And difficulties are common to the students of Cavity State University- Main Campus. This research wants to get answers given by the questions below. 1 . Why does some students have difficulties on their subject matter such as computer programming subject? 2.

How does time management affects the students to fail on their computer programming subject? 3. How does personal issues of a student whom fail on computer programming affects a students to fail on the subject matter? Ill. Significance of the study This research has the notable worth or encouragement to researchers, this inquest gives such importance in the way that this could let us see the picture behind of what the researchers are doing moreover, researchers are going to have particular communications from some students whom fails on their major subject.

On the other hand, community and faculty can be possibly benefited in such way that this inquiry could serves as an eye opener to the community wherein they are going to have a great look of some students of Cavity State University failing on their major subjects. This could give recommendations and solutions of what must a community do who has the same as these problem.

Furthermore, parents and guardians is also the objective beneficiaries of this study in the way that they Will knew what was happening with their child inside the campus and as far as they re the closest person from these people whom fails on their grades they could have some recommendations and solutions of what they must do. IV. Definition of terms 1 . Visual Basic – Visual Basic is a third-generation event-driven programming language and integrated development environment (DID) from Microsoft for TTS COM programming model first released in 1991. 2.

Turbo C++ – Turbo C++ was a C++ compiler and integrated development environment and computer language originally from Borderland. 3. Turbo C – Turbo C is an Integrated Development Environment and compiler for the C programming language from Borderland. 4. Java – Java is a general-purpose computer programming language that is concurrent, class-based, object-oriented, and specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. 5. Scenario – a description of what could possibly happened. 6. Curriculum – the course that are taught by a school or a university. Technology ? the use of science of in industry, engineering, etc. , to invent useful things or to solve problem. 8. Inquest – an official investigation to find the reason for something. 9. Notable – usual and worth noticing. 10. Open-and-shut – able to be settled or decided very quickly and easily. 11. IV. Scopes and Limitations This research has defined to see open-and-shut of the student factors of the reasons why does selected students of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in Cavity State University fail on their computer programming subjects.

Selected students would be coming from the First year to Second ear Bachelor of Science in Information Technology students whom fail their major subjects and studying in Cavity State University within the range of Academic Year 2013-2014 and 2014-2015. Regarding with the major subjects, this inquest would be looking for those who are studying computer programming subjects. In such reason the researcher also want to know the number of B. S. Information Technology students and the number who d fail on the computer programming subjects.

Furthermore, this inquest also have limitations wherein researchers are not going to focus with other factors and reason of why does really a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology student of Cavity State university fail on their major subjects. Pertaining to the respondents as said in the first part researchers are not going to have the views coming from First year to Second year with those who haven ‘t experience to fail their major subjects, diminishing other major subject that is not connected with computer programming subjects of first year and second year students.

V. Hypothesis Research such as this, sees things on this study that the researchers would gathered information based on such things as what they are looking forward o, students whom fail on their major subject would reason out that there are instances that they had a hard time on understanding the language that has been used by their instructors, Furthermore, student can also say that the reason why this things happen is because of their personal problems at home or could be in somewhere else.

CHAPTER II Review of Related Literature This research paper has common and related topic that states reasons, factors, solutions and recommendations such as the following; Einstein (1984) quoted that “Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, UT when there is nothing more to take away”, as he explains that there is no such student as good as no one, the reason of going to school is to learn not to compete with others by means of grades or in any form, school helps one person to achieve something not to fall into something.

Einstein also agrees into the idea that there is no person whom can achieve something by not tasting failures, because failures molds a person to be better and prosper. Radcliff (2003) assures on his book Many Lives, Many Masters that one of the surest reason why a student in college fails on their class is to consistently miss it. For some instances some courses included in their grading components is the class activities, pop quizzes and team projects.

Students can t participate from these if they are absent from class or even know lesson wherein discussed during the day that they are absent, mostly from critical discussions. O Kenney (2005) book Reading for Writers presents guide to being successful student. He states that college student should figure out a study habit. He gives seven (7) points to deliver solid results. 1. Set-up a study place, if you are planning to study somewhere cafeteria and game room is a bad idea because hose person studying there arena ‘t learning much, they just can ‘t learn with noise and destructions.

Even in library sometimes because you were just there to watch cloud passes by. The tip is look for a quiet-and boring place somewhere in your house or in the corner of the library were no one is going. 2. Set your mind in studying, when you were sitting down and have your book or notes, you were not there to doodle or make your notebook a list for supermarket you are there to make your study done. Decide if you are going to study and learn now. 3. Give yourself a Reward, if you had a hard time on studying all alone and did a good job on it. Give yourself a treat, you deserve it.

You can tell yourself that you will give yourself a prize such as watching your favorite TV show, out wind, have a relaxing bath or even have yourself some mouth-watering sweet. 4. Skim the textbooks first, some students seats and have the book they were told to read to for just an instance “Chapter 3 pages 134-163” and just do that. The thing on that is some students turn pages but did not remember anything. In order to prevent this problem, skim the first chapter and look for important thoughts for fun make your own title on it and afterwards figure out what does the author tries to explain to you. . Take down notes, it seems to be basic but this one works. Jot down notes while you are studying, make some notes on the margin of your book, at this point you can have little things such as definition of terms and examples of something. 6. Review after you have read and taken notes, some people says that talking to yourself works. Tell yourself about something about the topic you have read and those thing you’ve said will instantly stick in your mind. 7. Give up, this may sound contradicting to the topic but if you had enough give up.

You should try to make yourself okay because it is nonsense that you had much learning but you re exhausted. Attain (2006) Dean at Kenyon College clearly notes that “panic or rush to conclusions. The lack of success in a course?which can result from a number of circumstances and does not necessarily signal academic catastrophe?should itself be an opportunity for learning. ” Instead of panicking with failing grades of the students, parents should talk with their student of what are the factors of their failing grades.

Tales (2008) Assistant Vice Chancellor of student affairs and Dean of students at university of California-Irvine, agrees on the idea that parent s support is a must, calling or talking with professors is not a good thing, arenas role is not to fix their role is to support and provide tools for the success of your child. Mellon (2008) evaluate students from a college from Tendon and he knew that college student fails for a variety of reasons, many of these is because of the control of students, some of them focuses on other things such as addiction on alcohol and badly on drugs, in some point they have more time on out wind than studying.

Mellon clears that his study on some college students from Tendon were drop-outs because some of them fails to pass their courses. And as follow he recommend some solutions that he proved that could be seed to lessen the number of drop-outs in Tendon. Wright (2010) states on his writing on 10 Ways to Turn Things around When You’re Failing a Class that if you’re currently failing a class, things can seem hopeless. But a failing grade doesn’t have to be a permanent condition – you can take certain steps to turn things around. Wright states some of ways to turn things up when your grades are in trouble. 1.

Focus within your priorities, if schoolwork is not in your list better to change it right away because academics are much important than any other things. 2. Get help from someone or somebody, this one could help you a lot, getting help from our classmates does not show weakness in a way that you are really in need of help of your grades. 3. Have a talk with your professor, if you were having trouble with your grades or you are aware of your poor grades talking with your professor is a good idea in the reason that your professor will let know what was happening with you and he might give you a piece of an advice on how to improve your grades. . Be realistic, if you know with yourself that there is no chance to get up with your grades it’ s better to drop that out it first and having a better foundation than trying it over and over again. And, 5. Lean on your classmates, you probably at least one friend in your class, in this process tell your situation and he might give you help for some point like helping you with your assignments and projects.

Eisenhower (201 1) takes the views on Ten Fundamental Reasons for Technology in Education that “if education is about knowledge and intellectual skills, then information technology lies at the heart of it all. We have only just begun this transition. School will eventually look very different. Get ready. ” he reasons out on his article that information could lead into meeting that is much great than ever before yet after technology must be teach in right and proper way whereas student could feed good ideas that they can use for the betterment of themselves.

Luckier (2013) says on his research Take a Big step when grade is Poor that “Parents can be supportive when grades aren’t up to par but should avoid overstepping” Failing grades in college of your student clearly requires a some serious attention, because instead of panicking you might probably help your child by giving focus with it. Crossly (2013) precisely state on his article in Demand Media on the Top

Reason of College Drop-outs that too much stress and Insufficient Preparation or Motivation could be the reason why a college student fail on their course subject, immense stress, pressure and a little sleep must were experienced during jungle works in college. Transitioning from high school to college is a shock for some they find ideas between high school and college were just the same but when they are in the exact point it is too late to notice the big difference between the two. Chapter Ill l. Methodology This part of the research is a vital part for the researchers for them to answer their questions about the said problem.

This part consists of research design, local of the study, source of data, sampling design, data gathering procedure and research instrument whereas listed the throughout process and leads the way to answer the researchers questions. A. Research Design The researchers will be having descriptive method of research because of the convenience and compatibility from the problem to the said method of research. B. Locale of the study The study will be done and process in Cavity State University- Don Severing deals alas Campus were the answers from the research problem will be answer throughout the survey. C. Source of data

The researchers will gather information from the selected students whom failed on their computer programming subjects in the College of Engineering and Information Technology from the Department of Information Technology. D. Sampling Design The researchers will use convenience or accidental sampling which is the finest design sample for this research. This will be accompanied to the students whom are only available during the survey will be conducted on the said place. On the other hand, for the ease of the research the researchers will use the Slovene ‘s formula to make the number of the population will lessen.

The Slovene s formula is. . Data gathering procedure This research will be done by doing surveys such as giving answer sheets and inquiry form to the selected students whom fail on their computer programming subjects, and after the survey is done the researchers will analyses of what are those reasons why selected students of Cavity State University- Don Severing deals alas Campus fail on their computer programming subjects from the answers given by means of the students whom surveyed. . Research Instruments The researchers will use answer sheets and questioners to get answer and information from the students, it will be convenient for the researchers and he students whom will answer the questions in such way that they won t be able to do other things such as experimenting and testing something. G.

Statistical treatment of data The researchers ask a statistician about the research s statistical treatment of data and the statistician says and recommend that the researchers should use and find for the average of the answers wherein number of respondents over number of respondents answer the specific question multiplied by one hundred or * 100 . Sample Answer sheet and Questionnaire Name : Age Address : Year & Section : Questions: 1 . What are the factors that a student experience to have some difficulties on studying computer programming? . Time management. B. Personal issues. C. Lack of knowledge in the language that is been used by the professors. 2. Why does a student rely on the book or other than that? A. For better understanding on the subject matter. B. For advance knowledge. C. For different source Of knowledge. 3. Why is there any instances that a student struggles with the language thatњs been used by the professors? A. The language that’s been used is new to hear. B. They don t have the interest and the willingness to the language. C. They just can t understand. 4.

Why does some student took up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology as a course even if they don t have the willingness on the course matter? A. Because of Iњs being in-demand. B. It s the choice of their parents or others. C. Just to have college degree. 5. What is the first impression of a student when it is said Information Technology as their course? A. It would be hard to study. B. It would be the reason to have better job. C. It will enhance their skills and knowledge in using computer and technology. 6. How often does a student whom fail on computer programming study in a whole week? Always b. Sometimes c. Never 7. In what way dealing with time managements causes a student to fail in computer programming? A. Being absent during discussion. B. Being late. C. Pressure from the deadline. 8. How come a student struggles with his/her time for school? A. Laziness b. Because of the requirements on other subject. C. Because of schedule. 9. What does a student whom fail on the said subject do after school? A. Hang out with friends. B. Playing computer games. C. Sleep 10. What causes a student to do other things than studying after class? A. Influence of friends b. Social media c. Boredom 1 1 .

How often does a student whom fail on computer programming done his home works at home? A. Always 12. Does lacking on interest relates with students to fail in their study? A. Yes b. No c. Maybe 13. Does a student whom fail on the course subject struggles with financing his/her study/ a. Yes b. NO c. Not at all. 14. What kind of personal issue does a student whom fail their computer programming subject have? A. Family isles b. Love life issues c. Financial issues 15. How does students reflects his/her personal issues on studying? A. By not doing homework b. By not going on time on classes c. By lacking of willingness on the subject matter.

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