The Role of a Movie Trailer Assignment

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Media Assignment Film Trailer Film trailers have many purposes. The main reason is to persuade people to watch the movie. The filmmakers get the best parts of the film and put it together to make the trailer. The target movie for this trailer, Up, is a family audience. This meaner they would try and persuade a family to watch it. Also, hey would make the movie appropriate for everyone in the family to watch. In the trailer of ‘Up’ the characters from the film are used to persuade people to attach the film.

For example, they use a very grumpy old man and a very energetic young boy. This makes the movie funny because the two characters have two totally different ways of thinking For example, the old man, Carl, Just wants peace and quiet and wants to be alone whereas Russell, the young boy, wants to go with the Carl because he wants to have fun and thinks its ‘cool’ because the house is gong up. Also, later on the trailer, Carl and Russell find a talking dog, which makes the trailer funny, ND also find bird, which is very annoying according to Carl, which also makes it funny, as Carl Just wants peace and quiet.

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The storyline of the film ‘Up’ is an old man called Carl who Just wants peace. Outside his house, it is noisy so he decides to go on an adventure and go up with his house. He then finds out that he accompanied by a young boy called Russell and they both go on an adventurous trip together. The storyline of the film is another way to entertain the audience because it is about meeting nobody would’ve ever thought of and about something nobody would’ve seen.

The music that is used in the trailer has a big affect in the trailer. The music is used in many different ways. For instance, it is used to create tense, it is used to make the funny moments even funnier and also the music helps create adventurous which also helps to create tense. When there is a funny moment the music stops to make the moment seem even funnier. That would make the people want to watch the movie. The color that is used in the trailer is used in different ways.

For example, when Carl is grumpy the colors that are used are dull and when he is happy or being adventurous the colors that are used are bright and stand out. The filmmakers change the colors because again to add more interest and to make the movie more realistic. The narrator that is used in the trailer makes the person watching feel more engaged in the trailer. Also, when a funny moment comes the narrator stops speaking to make the moment even funnier. The narrator uses a special voice to make the audience more entertained in the trailer.

Also, the narrator also says what is happening which explains to the audience what is going on. Carl at some points in the trailer is shown in different ways. This makes the film seem more realistic. This would add interest from the audience and it would make the audience pleased to pay their money to watch the film. I like this trailer because it makes me want to watch the film. This trailer therefore is very affective and I would pay my money to watch the film. I think the film is adventurous and very entertaining.

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