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Movie Review: Marie Antoinette As we all known the reign of Queen Marie Antoinette ended quite brutally with her head being cut off during the French Revolution. However, this movie tries not to displace such gruesome details. It merely ends with the royal family in a carriage on their way to Paris or others might call it ‘their doom’. Marie Antoinette, the movie was written and directed by Sofia Coppola starring Bring It On’s, Kirsten Dunst. In this movie Kirsten Dunst portrays Marie Antoinette how many of us believe she was.

My view of Marie Antoinette seems a little bit less innocent however. In this version of the royal families’ life they aren’t mean or vindictive they’re plainly quite naive. They do not realize how much they are spending they just care about having fun and being care free. Being a girl I personally love shoes and the shoes that Marie Antoinette had designed were beautiful. There was a large array of colors and styles that drew them instantly to the eye. As well as shoes the costumes in the film we’re beautiful. There were many different gowns in baby blue, pink, and cream.

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I extremely liked how in the scenes in the Retreat house Dunst wore white peasantry dresses that almost made her look angelic. Throughout the beginning of the movie there was quite a lot of comic relief. Whether it is from the king’s mistress or something else. The best part by far is when Dunst is standing waiting to be dressed, naked, and her undergarments keep getting handed off because new women of higher class than the last keep coming into the room. Dunst is standing they’re freezing trying to understand French society and so far she thinks it’s quite blatantly absurd.

I don’t blame her seeing as how these women are taking quite a long time coming in and taking their gloves off. If you were to only to watch the first half of the film you might even think it to be a comedy. Marie Antoinette was a lovely film. Filled with many twists and turns that were unexpected which in turn made the movie interesting and exciting to watch. Even though it runs for two long hours and twenty horrific minutes, it does not seem so at all and you will be pleasantly delighted by the end I guarantee it.

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