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The movie Ted directed by Seth McFarland entertains its viewers, but also provides them with life lessons while still making everyone laugh out loud throughout the movie. This movie is about the two main characters, John and Ted. Ted Is a stuffed animal that comes to life after John, a lonely child living in Boston, wishes for his stuffed animal to come to life. Coinciding with a falling star, Ted becomes a fully mobile and human-like stuffed animal.

This comedy film is very effective, in that there is a happy ending, lack of a plot, and lots of humor. As the result of this childhood wish, John’s teddy bear, Ted, came to life, and has been by John’s side ever since – a friendship that’s tested when Loon, John’s girlfriend of four years, wants more from their relationship. Throughout the movie, Tee’s childish acts lead touch and Lori to almost break up. At the end of the movie, Ted is kidnapped by Downy, a stalker who dollies Ted, and then is rescued by John and Lori, who basically save him from dying at Fenny Park.

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Ted ends up accepting to have a life of his own, after John and Lori get married. Downy is arrested and sent to Jail under charges of kidnapping a stuffed animal, but then is released after the charges sound foolish. The most important criteria for a comedy film Is humor, and In this film there Is plenty of humor. Although at times the humor in this film Is stupid, It still Is funny, and there are numerous jokes in that are only funny because a teddy bear says them, which in turn makes them even more humorous.

For instance, a simple knock knock Joke becomes funny when Ted, the teddy Puzzled 2 ear, says it because of the way in which he talks and his actions as he says it, all contribute to a stupid Joke becoming a hilarious Joke. Also, seeing a teddy bear doing illegal and adult things, such as smoking weed and drinking alcohol with his good friend John, Is humorous In that It’s something that has never before used or done In a movie.

The reason this movie is full of humor is because of the fact that this is the first film in which a teddy bear is brought to life and given human characteristics, which he uses to act as a true adult. This movie has a very minor plot and some eight even argue that it has no plot, as the teddy bear, Ted, and his friend John, constantly Just party with each other, drink, and smoke weed. Although a movie with no plot may be seen as a negative thing, It Is something very common In comedy films.

The reason why comedy films, such as this movie, choose to have no plot to a very minimal plot, is because it’s a comedy film and it’s supposed to be filled with humor, and not focus as much on plot. Also, by having almost no plot, this film becomes easy to follow, and becomes viewable to a wider range of people, even Hough It clearly is not for all audiences. The happy ending Is also something very common In a comedy movie, Ana Is a part AT want makes a movie a comedy Tall.

I movie ends with a happy ending, as Ted is saved at the end of movie and virtually brought back to life, after it seems like he had died. Also, the person that kidnapped Ted and almost brought his life to an end was put in Jail as the movie came to an end. In comedy movies, it makes lots of sense to have a happy ending, because if there was to be a sad ending, it would contradict the entire movie. A comedy film is bout making people laugh, thus filmmakers must end the movie with a happy ending, and send the viewers away happy, with a smile on their faces.

Puzzled 3 However, some movie critics, such as A. O. Scott of The New York Times, have argued that Ted is not a comedy film at all and lacks the right type of humor for a comedy film. In the review written by Scott, he says “Tolerant amusement is pretty much the best this harmless little picture is able to manage, even though it strives for obnoxious hilarity. ” Scott clearly believes that this film fails at its goal of being amorous, but it can also be said that his sense of humor is not for a modern day comedy film such as this movie.

In another review, written by Tom Gleason of Concrete Playground, he says that “thanks to the extraordinary efforts of his animators, the foul-mouthed bear is as believable as he is hilarious and steals almost every scenes he’s in. ” In other words, Gleason believes that the teddy bear, Ted, was a success in generating a type of comedy that had never before been done. In conclusion, through having a happy ending, very little plot, and lots of humor, the vie Ted does a very effective Job in being a comedy film.

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