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Movie Marketing Case I would like to analyze the movie marketing before the launch using the model 8. 1 Simple communications model, 8. 5 Advertising essentials and 8. 2 AIDA and the promotion mix. Before the movie is launched the movie marketers have to communicate with their target audience. According to the model Advertising essentials, the message of the marketers has to go through the creative team and media before it reaches the audience.

Based on module Simple communications model, in the movie marketing sender is the movie marketers, be more precise creative team, who encode the message (they want to give to the targeted audience) in trailers, posters etc. however, there may be a distortion in-between this process when they do not success in encoding their message the right way. The noise is media, critics who can influence the perception of the target audience. However, not only noises can influence its perception, the distortions like poor quality of the TV, radio or personal problems are also on the way of the audiences’ perception. Next, according to the model 8. AIDA and the promotion mix, first of all, before the movie is launched it is very important to make sure that the audience goes through the “psychological or behavioral process”. The audience’s attention has to be gained, so that their interest would arouse in their mind so that they will have a desire to watch the movie, and finally go to the cinema to watch a movie. At the beginning there are the cognitive steps: the attention and interest (can be simultaneous with desire). They can be promoted by advertising like 30 second trailer and/or PR. With these promotions the consumers will get to know the movie and gain interest about it.

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After that comes affective and conative step: desire and action. During the affective step or a step of feeling, movie has to appeal to the audience so that they would like to watch it. This can be done by the TV trailers, cinema trailers, merchandising campaign. The last step has to be done the way that it will be easy for the audience to watch the movie, i. e. distribute it in many theatres. (Based on module 8. 2 AIDA and the promotion mix) Promotion ??? “communication designed and implemented to persuade others to accept ideas, concepts or things; to motivate customers and consumers to take action.

It serves four basic purposes: differentiate, remind, inform, persuade. ” 1. One of the most important factors for movie launching is the right timing. The marketers have to choose the most suitable and opportunistic time, when their target group will most probably go to the premier (during holidays or vacation time), preferably during summer and winter season. Second, the movie marketers have to select the communication channels according to a genre of the movie, encode the message of the creative team the right way, so that the audience will decode it the way marketers wanted. (Based on module 8. Simple communications model ??? after Schramm) Moreover, the cast plays the crucial role as well. Famous, favorable actors always attract a lot of audience, whereas unknown actors do not bring much success to a movie. Furthermore, the marketers have to have the right marketing strategy. With it they will attract their target group at the right time and the right message. This way, their target group will be more interested in the movie and anticipate the movie premier. Last but not least is the movie quality. Many people pay a lot of attention to the quality of the movie, judging by the quality they choose to go to the movie or not.

The quality of the movie can be judged from the producer or director of the movie as well as the quality shown in the movie trailer. 2. Advertising like television or cinema advertising, trailers ??? all of them grab audience’s attention greatly. The cost of them is high, but pays back a lot. The same goes for the magazine content and internet site promotion, the price, however, is not that big as for trailer, but publishing interviews or reviews in the magazines or websites, which your target audience will most probably read, can be very efficient.

For uploading the movie trailer on Youtube or having a PR you do not have to pay as it is free publicity but they are great tools for the spread of mouth. The press junkets are most probably relatively expensive but publicity is one of the main promoters of the movies. Nominating the movie for awards before launching will add more value to a movie; therefore, more people will be interested in watching it as it is given so much attention. News stories may influence the audience in both ways, good and bad.

If there will be a story of a star doing something inappropriate for society, then the attention of many people can be lost; nevertheless, the interviews with stars can promote the movie, especially, if the movie has a world known actor. Such vehicles as “making off” documentaries, movie festivals, celebrity parties or merchandising can be very expensive but not efficient at all, because the audience does not get to know much about the movie or will not find anything appealing to it uring these promotions. 3. The critics are the noise in the promotion communication between the sender, movie marketers and the receivers, the audience (Based on module 8. 1 Simple communications model ??? after Schramm). The critics have a contradicting effect: positive and negative, it can make or break your movie premier. It is the matter of how the critics perceive the movie. In the first case, the critics promote the movie and give the audience more confidence that the movie is worthy to watch.

In the second case, the critics affect the movie promotion negatively; after reading or hearing a bad review of the movie many people can lose their interest in watching the movie. However, not all audience trusts the critic all the time, because every person perceives the message of the movie differently, thus despite of a bad critic you can like the movie; it depends on the type of the movie. As a matter of fact, you can use the critics as another PR tool. If you have a good product, you can invite the critics before the launch, so that the audience could read positive reviews from the critics, which is considered to be the third party.

It does not relate to the movie production, therefore, will tell the objective view on the movie. 4. The marketers do the product placement for advertising purposes in hope of gaining a good image. By seeing a product in the movie, the customers will associate this product with the stars, idols who used it in the movie or the movie in general. More than that, doing the product placement marketers are looking for the global reach because they are shown worldwide. While watching the movie you do not perceive the products in the movie as a promotion but as a real normal scene in the life.

It is more reliable than an average commercial. Even when you have a commercial break watching TV at home you flip your channel without noticing the advertised products, whereas in the movie theatre you watch the movie for two hours without a break. 5. Even if you pay for the product placement in the movie, you are not promised that your product will get a screen time. The movie director chooses the products himself. When you get a screen time you are not in charge: you do not decide what they will do with your product, how they will show it and so on.

Companies do have an agreement on how long the product will appear and how often but they still do not have a great control of it. The success of the movie will also reflect on the promotion of the product. If the movie did not have enough audience, or the movie was bad, the product will most probably do not get the promotion which was expected. Another bad factor is bad perceiving of a product, if it is used the wrong way or the movie does not match the product. Bad associations, i. e. when an audience see a plan crashing in the sea, they most likely will not use the airline they showed in the movie.

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