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As we review the economic tools managers use in their decision making process (profit maximization, cost minimization, pricing strategies, etc. ), you will continue to grow in the strategic thinking and decision making and decisiveness competencies of Launching Business Leaders (http:// www. krannert. purdue. edu/launching-business-leaders/). Moreover, as we work examples, we’ll periodically challenge ourselves to think about trustworthiness and integrity in the decision making process. Textbook: Managerial Economics and Business Strategy, 8th Edition, by Michael Baye and Jeffrey T.

Prince, McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2014 Internet: Blackboard Blackboard will be my primary source of communication and exchange of information outside of class. I will post a number of handouts on this site, including solutions to all end of chapter problems in the text, copies of problems we work through in class, and old exams from previous semesters. You should check in to verify your grades on examinations. If there is an error, contact my administrative assistant Bree Miller through e-mail as soon as possible. She will work with you to correct the error. Online with McGraw-Hill Connect: Learnsmart and Homework

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Twenty five percent of your course grade will be based upon your work done online, using the McGraw-Hill Connect platform. Each week you will complete a Learnsmart module and a homework exercise. You have a variety of options available to you regarding subscriptions to Connect. You can purchase a bundled hard copy of the textbook plus an access code for the Connect Plus package (Learnsmart, Homework, e-book, and Smartbook) at the bookstore. The price will be $150. If you do not want a “hard copy’ of the textbook, you can register online for the Connect Plus package for $120.

The publisher is no longer offering the option of su bscribing to just LearnSmart and Homework access. You might find this link to videos explaining the Connect Platform useful: http://www PL75C158056886449 REGISTERING WITH MCGRAW-HILL CONNECT Enter the Online Connect Assignments folder, and click on an assignment you want to complete. The first time you do this, you will be asked to register with the McGraw-Hill Connect site. You may pay online or use the access code that came with your bundled package purchased from the bookstore.

Once you have registered, you will not have to do so again. In the future, each time you click on an assignment you will be taken to the Connect site automatically. To visit the Connect site to access the e-book or Smartbook, click on McGraw-Hill Connect. Grading Policy: Letter grades will be assigned based upon your performance on completion of online “Learnsmart” modules, online Homework, two evening midterm exams, and a comprehensive final exam: Percent of Item Course Grade LearnSmart Homework Exam I Exam II Final Exam Total 10 15 25 100 All exams will be multiple-choice in format.

If necessary I will base grades on a “curve” at the end of the semester. Before calculating your LearnSmart and Homework averages for the semester I will drop your lowest score. “Makeup” Policy If you must miss an exam because of participation in a university sponsored trip or activity (documented by a club or team sponsor), an interview trip (documented by the firm), or a time conflict with an evening class or exam (documented by your professor), you make take a makeup exam before the regularly scheduled exam takes place.

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