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Course Purpose and Objectives: This course provides an introduction into business finance topics including the current institutional environment, financial planning, risk and return, capital getting and capital structure (including cost of capital). Basic tools necessary for analyzing and interpreting financial data will be developed. The focus is on corporations whose stocks are publicly traded, but most of the tools and concepts covered are applicable to other types of business firms and not-for-profit entities as well.

An important objective of this course is to develop insights into the methods by which financial managers can create value for their shareholders. International considerations are emphasized. This course prepares students to initially interact in he field of finance. Class Format: Lecture sessions will be held Tuesday and Thursday, and we move through the material quickly. It is very difficult to learn this material on your own, so please make every effort to attend class. Much of the material builds on itself, so it will be difficult to catch up if you fall behind.

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Be alert and take good notes! You are encouraged to study with other students and to form study groups. You should solve additional problems from those presented at the end of the chapter to facilitate your problem solving. Working on problems is vital to the learning process n this class. There is no better way to understand the concepts encountered in this course. Homework: There are three different types of homework assignments in this class. 1. In-class assignments – these are announced in class, usually at the conclusion of topic coverage.

You are expected to try these problems prior to the next class period. This will facilitate your comprehension and will also enable you to ask questions in class. These problems will be solved in class: answers are not available on-line or in the help room – you must attend class for this instructional material. 2. Connect homework assignments – these assignments will be posted on Connect tonguing ten semester. It Is ten students responsibility to scene ten class connect page for any announcements, instructions or information regarding the assignments.

Connect is a web-based assignment and assessment system linked to the Ross, Westfield and Jordan Corporate Finance textbook and is designed to help you learn faster, study more efficiently, and retain more knowledge There will be 8 Connect homework assignments , each worth 10 points. You will have approximately 72 hours to complete each homework. There are no extensions or exceptions for any reason. The assignments are on-line and should take no more than two hours to complete.

At the end of the semester, your best seven homework scores will be counted: in other words you may skip 1 homework assignments if necessary or if complete all 8 assignments, your lowest Connect homework grade will not be counted. You are encouraged to thoroughly read the chapter and review the material before completing the Connect assignments. All Connect assignments are individual assignments – you are expected to complete the assignments on an individual basis. 3. Problem Sets: These are the only homework problem sets that are graded by the undergraduate assistants. These problem sets should be turned in to the Help Room.

It is the student’s responsibility to check the class web page for all information relating to the problem sets. Problem sets are more difficult than the Connect homework and are designed to help students apply the information learned in class to real world problems. Late assignments will not be accepted, so please pay attention to the due dates and submission procedures. Please also read pages 6-7 of the syllabus for detailed information about problem set grading. Grading: Grading in this course is consistent with the grading policy set by The Eli Broad College of Business and the Department of Finance for undergraduate students.

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