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Classification Think about it: what kind of student are you? What type of student do they think they are? It doesn’t take long to learn that there different types of students. These students can be categorized into billions of sections; everyone has a different personality.

These students will be categorized as weapons experts and here are three types of those students; college and high school: (1) The Soldier, he is the minimum requirement guy; (2) The Demo man, he is the one hungry for all the knowledge possible; and finally; (3) The sniper, he’s good for one hint and one thing only, and that is acing tests. First, The Soldier, he is the minimum requirement guy. For example the soldier is the classmate that doesn’t do less or more than is required, he is typically the one proud at making seventies (ass’s). At this moment, my little brother, Kelvin, is the soldier.

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He only does enough to “pass” in order to play football. He does not give his teacher less than is required, nor does he give them more. Another example for the soldier is the classmate who never asks questions, whether they understand or not. Most students have this quality of the soldier; they are afraid of being ridiculed for mounding stupid or they are getting used to a new environment. The final example of the soldier student is the classmate that never complains, no matter the situation. This student never complains whether they were wrongfully graded or not because the result comes out the same.

These are the student who believe that effort should be Just right; not too little yet not too much, in order to escape notice. Soldiers don’t ask questions, they don’t show off, they don’t complain. They Just get the Job done. The soldiers’ trademark question is “what will we be graded on? ” Second is, The Demo man, he is the one hungry for all the knowledge possible. For example the Demo man is the classmate that aces everything related to the course; tests, assignments, and projects. In high school there were three Demo men in my AP Physics class.

They were the ones who passes everything in the course causing everyone else to feel like idiots or at least less than. Another example of the Demo man is the classmate who wants to know everything about anything. The most prominent Demo men in life are the academics who go to school to learn as their careers. These are the people who willingly go to school for the rest of their lives in order to somewhat quench their thirst for knowledge. The final example of the Demo man student is the classmate that blows whatever curve there is into nonexistence.

These are the students whose scores are perfect, therefore there is no room for a curve. The aforementioned physics students are also the kinds who blow the curve for everyone else. Their grades are so perfect or so near it that it is impossible to receive a curve. The Demo man is the student that aces all the assignments, nukes all the tests and earns all the bonus points. Last but most certainly not least, The Sniper, he’s good for one thing and one thing only, Ana Tanat Is acing tests An example AT ten sniper Is ten classmate Tanat Is exceptional at acing tests but is non-functional in every other task.

My eight (8th) grade lab partner was a sniper. Dallas was the student who did practically nothing in class but came out head-first come test time. The only position one ever really saw him in was laying his head down on the desk with his arms underneath his head. Another example of the sniper is the classmate who surprises the instructor on every test, leading the teacher to believe the student is cheating. This is the student who is o silent the entirety of the semester that it almost feels as though they are not there, or better yet do not exist.

It is really difficult to meet people who are like this, because people have become a lot more social than in the past. The final example of the sniper is the classmate that isn’t everyone’s favorite come test time. They make such exemplary grades even though they do not necessarily participate in the daily activities. That student one wishes they had the brain of but at the same time the student one somewhat dislikes because of their mental prowess, without apparent effort.

Most teacher either assign a majority of the grade to projects or tests, so although the sniper might have an “F” in that class, as long as they get their “A” on the project or test, they come out of the course with an “A” or at least with a “B+”. These are Just three types of students in the world out of the billions that are in existence. These students seem to be the ones that are more common/prominent. There are the Soldiers, the bare minimum guys, there are the Demo men, the knowledge hungry ones, then finally, there is the sniper, one does not know he is there until one has been shot/ passes by.

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