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The Summary Response January 26, 2013 DICE: r-February I, 2013 The Summary Response builds on summary in two ways. First, before you can respond to a text, you must be able to summarize main points. In other words, you must understand a text on its own terms before you can express an opinion about it. Second, the Summary Response expands textual meaning by including reader response. It’s the kind Of reader response, however, that distinguishes a good Summary Response from a bad one. A good Summary Response incorporates personal response and supports and develops that response with evidence.

The Summary Response, then, asks you to go beyond mere summary in order to use it to make and support a point. This assignment asks you to write a Summary Response of a text from our next unit in Readers Choice, “Educational Policy. ” There are 3 texts to choose from: ‘The Creative Spirit,” “American Values in Education,” or “School Violated Student’s Rights, British Court Rules Your purpose is to conceptualize the topic, summarize the main argument of the text, and then make 2 points that persuade an academic audience that your opinion is reasonable. Your evidence will come trot the text and from your own personal knowledge and insight.

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Your language should be descriptive, precise, and persuasive for your chosen audience. The essay should be approximately 2 pages (typed, double-spaced) in length, Your summary should contain the following elements: Paragraph ‘-?Introduction and context/background and a concluding thesis. Paragraph 2-?Summary of “Can English Be Dethroned? ” Paragraph 3-?Summary of “English Seen as Co-Star among Global Languages” Paragraph 3-?Your own response (point 1) Paragraph 4-?Your own response (point 2) Paragraph 5-?Conclusion that answers the question “So what? ” (For example, Why should I care? What should I do? Why have I learned? What the Summary Response is: 1) a means of going beyond the literal content of the source 2) a tool to summarize ideas from academic sources 3) a tool to personalize ideas from academic sources by reacting and making a point 4) a means of providing support for that point What the Summary Response is not: l) a mere expression of personal, unsupported opinion 2) a means to offering only negative criticism to sources while ignoring the positive 3) a text that only summarizes sources Assignment Goals Upon completion of this assignment, writers will be able to – summarize a short resource text from the news, indicating author, title, etc. Quote, paraphrase, and cite sources clearly and ethically. – write a thesis statement that integrates original opinion with information from the text. – support the thesis With a body of argument that integrates original supporting ideas with information from the text – organize body Of support logically, using paragraphs and transitions appropriately. Assessment Rubric Writers name: Your name: Global Assessment Agenda 1. Did the writer fulfill the task? RL Yes C No Feedback 2. Did the writer demonstrate audience awareness? A Yes Feedback : 3. Did the writer provide sufficient context in which to consider the topic?

No L Yes Feedback 4. Did the writer conclude the introduction with a clearly stated thesis? L Yes 5. Did the writer clearly and accurately summarize the main points Of the original text? Yes A No 6. Did the writer include source information using PAP format (title, author, etc. Of original text) in the summary? Yes L] No 7. Did the writer clearly connect the supporting points of the body paragraphs to the thesis? R Yes u No 8. Did the writer develop the supporting points with specific, persuasive evidence hat was appropriate for the purpose and audience? -7 Yes 9. Did the writer organize the supporting points logically?

Z:] No 9. Did the writer use quotes and paraphrases from the text appropriately to develop and/or clarify key supporting points? Yes 10, Did the writer use the conclusion to tie together the introduction, the summary, and the supporting points of the text? L Yes n No Local Assessment Agenda I. Did the writer unify the paragraphs one clear topic sentence? C Yes Al No 2. Did the writer clearly show connections among paragraphs, using transitions as necessary? N Yes Feedback . . Did the writer clearly show connections within paragraphs, using transitions as necessary? R Yes 4.

Did the writer use academic vocabulary? L I Yes C:] No S. Are there any places where you think there might be plagiarism? If 50, explain! U Yes 6. Are there any places where you think there are “threshold” grammatical errors? It so, explain exactly what the sentence(s) is/are and what changes you think should be made. -7 Yes 7. Is there anything that this writer did that you can learn from and perhaps use to improve your own writing? (For example, did the writer use a new word that o didn’t know? Use a good strategy for their conclusion? Introduce quotes clearly? Something else? ) Yes 8.

Please examine the Scoring Rubric on p. 9. How would you rate this Summary Response? _J 5 Scoring Rubric – Limited – Developing 3 – Proficient 4 – Advanced 5-Exemplary Writing demonstrates little or no awareness of audience and purpose. As a result, presentation/ genre, language, and evidence are not appropriate to the writing task and there is little or no evidence of revision strategies at any level. *Writing demonstrates emergent but inconsistent awareness of audience and purpose. Presentation/ genre meet some assignment criteria. *Language exhibits minimal proficiency at lexical and syntactic levels.

There is some control of simple and compound sentences through multiple drafts, hut revision exists mostly at lexical and syntactic levels rather than organizational level. Errors obscure meaning, *Evidence is insufficient and occasionally not relevant to topics. *Writing demonstrates good awareness of audience and purpose. *Presentation/ genre adequately meet all assignment criteria. Gangue is appropriate to writing tasks. Draft exhibits increasing facility and here is evidence of strategic revision at lexical, syntactic, and organizational levels.

Errors and inappropriate usages still occur but do not obscure meaning. *Evidence is relevant and consistently supports and develops topics *Writing demonstrates keen awareness of audience and purpose. *Presentation/ genre, in addition to meeting all assignment criteria, exhibit ownership of the writing task as well as some degree of originality in task interpretation. *Language is entirely appropriate to writing tasks. Draft exhibits strategic revision at lexical, syntactic, and organizational levels. Personal style is evident and almost always appropriate to writing tasks.

Errors and inappropriate usages are infrequent. *Evidence clearly and persuasively supports and develops topics. *Writing demonstrates superior awareness of audience and purpose. *Presentations,’ genres meet all assignment criteria, exhibit ownership of the writing task as well as originality in task interpretation. *Language exhibits personal style entirely appropriate to writing tasks. Draft exhibits superior revision strategies at all levels. *Evidence is clear, persuasive and strategically weighted to different aspects,’points of topics.

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