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Fox’s father, Carl, is a blue-collar maintenance foreman for the struggling Baluster airline. In a casual conversation, Carl tells Bud that the Federal Aviation Authority has cleared Baluster of responsibility for a major incident in which it was involved, Some months later, Bud Fox visits Gordon Gecko on his birthday and, granted a brief interview, pitches him stocks, but Gecko is unimpressed, Realizing that Gecko may not do business with him, a desperate Fox provides him with the information about Baluster which the FAA has yet to make public, Gecko tells him he will think about it.

A dejected Fox returns to his office where Gecko places an order tort Baluster stock, becoming en of Fox’s clients, pox makes more deals with Gecko which fall through, but the corporate raider has taken a liking for the young man and takes him under his wing. However, Gecko makes it clear that he does not want just a few tips on the stock market: he wants inside information of the sort that should be confidential, obtained by any means necessary, even if it involves using unethical and illegal methods.

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Desperate to advance in life, Fox agrees. One of his first assignments is to spy on British corporate raider Sir Lawrence William and discern his next move. By following William through New York, Fox discovers that he is out to take control of a major steel company and informs Gecko Who leaks the news and buys the controlling shares. William confronts Gecko, claiming that he is not out to asset strip the steel company but to improve its infrastructure and make something of it. After trading some personal insults, the two men agree to a deal.

Over the next year, Fox’s star is on the rise. He makes good money and enjoys Gecko’s perks, including purchasing a penthouse on Manhattans upper East Side and a trophy blonde, interior decorator Adrian, who, it is hinted, is a former lover of Gecko’s. Still employed by Jackson Steiner, Fox is promoted as a result of the large commission fees he is bringing in from Gecko’s trading and is given a corner office with a view. He continues to maximize insider information, going so far as dressing up as a cleaner and breaking into the offices to lam. Errs and businesses in order to obtain necessary data. Pox believes that the Baluster airline can be improved and made a commercial success. He persuades Gecko to buy Baluster and expand it using savings achieved by union concessions, The union leaders, including father Carl, are invited to his flat in order to discuss the proposal. Only Carl Fox proves to be hostile to the idea since he does not trust Gecko and feels that Gecko only wants to buy up and then liquidate the airline, but, after a row with his son, he agrees to put it to his men.

Things seem to be going well, but then Fox learns that Gecko has doubleheaders him and in fact intends to sell Off all Of Baluster’s assets leaving Carl and the entire Baluster staff unemployed. Fox himself stands to make a fortune on such a move but is racked With guilt since it was never his intention to break up Baluster, especially since many of the staff happens to be friends whom he has known for a long time. Fox resolves to destroy Gecko’s plans.

Adrian tries to talk him out of it, pointing out the money that they are going to earn and the danger of making an enemy out of Gecko. Fox refuses to listen to her arguments and they break up, A few days later, Fox and the union leaders meet Gecko’s rival Sir Laurence William who agrees to take over Baluster, and, in return for union concessions, save it from being asset-stripped, Fox then gets his colleagues at Jackson Steiner to persuade their clients to invest in Baluster. Sing Gecko’s own methods, he leaks the news of Gecko’s takeover of Baluster which sends the share price up.

The union leaders then confront Gecko, warning him that they know of his plans (which he denies) and threatening to make life so difficult for the customers that by the time the company is broken up it will be next to worthless. Gecko decides to cut his losses and pull out of Baluster – “What the hell. When only make 10 million” – but Fox then gets his contacts to dump their Baluster stocks which sends the share price down! Gecko is unable to find buyers for his own stock, “l am losing millions! , and is forced to sell at a loss.

Once the share price has gone down as far as it can, William buys it up, taking over Baluster. Gecko is furious and knows vivo to blame. The next day, a triumphant Fox arrives at work at Jackson Steiner & Co. Where he is confronted by the police and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Apparently Gecko tipped them off about Fox’s insider dealings which they themselves have been investigating for some time. Fox is arrested, handcuffed and led out of the office in tears. Sometime later, Fox confronts Gecko in Central Park. Gecko berates him for his betrayal.

He then viciously assaults Fox, but not before mentioning several of their illegal business transactions. Unknown to Gecko, Fox was wearing a wire which he then turns over to the federal authorities, A few days later, Fox goes to the New York City courthouse where he will tact the consequences tort his insider trading and securities traded charges. It is strongly implied that he will go to jail for his greed, but his co-operation to implicate Gecko with him in their insider trading schemes could mean a lesser sentence and William has offered him a job at Baluster upon his release.

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