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This addresses subject learning objective(s): 1, 2, 3 and 4 This addresses program learning objectives(s) weight: Due: 5. Mom Flay 4 Par” 2014 While this Is the time for online submission (Turning), you must submit a hard copy of the essay in the tutorial on 9th April (or in the designated assignment box for this subject prior to this date). Length: 1500- 2000 words Task: This assignment is to be done Individually, and is designed to lead you Into the tourism studies literature and to foster the development of the practice of discussing inception issues in tourism studies.

In academia the definition of tourism varies according to one’s philosophical approach. Consequently many definitions exist. Steak (2005) defines tourism as follows: Tourism is travel and temporary stay, involving at least one night away from the region of a person’s usual home that is undertaken with the major expectation of satisfying leisure needs that are perceived as being more enjoyably able to be satisfied by being at places outside of, and qualitatively deferent to, the home region.

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In this essay you are required to critically analyses the relevance of Steer’s definition in the planning and development of tourism today. Critical analysis requires an in- depth understanding of the current debates In tourism academia and therefore you should compare Steer’s definition with others that have been produced. The topic theme has been developed to encourage you to start employing a encouraged to read as widely as possible around this topic. Spend some time in the library, but start with a detailed reading of the following articles which display a range of views:

Please note that nothing will be read beyond the specified maximum. The essay must adhere to the TTS Business School Guide to Writing Assignments in format and referencing. Please note that referencing is an essential tool in academic writing. Criteria: 1 . Evidence that theorists are fully read and understood. 2. Evidence that original work by the theorist has been read and sourced. 3. Critical analytical skills. 4. Good structure of the essay with an introduction, body and conclusion. 5. Fluency in writing. 6. A conclusion which reveals your own views effectively.

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