Seminar unit option Assignment

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By us participating and engaging ourselves in class room debate during the discussion board, gives us a chance to learn and grow room each other without being in a traditional class room setting. This class includes a challenging mix of reading, writing, and case study learning activities. What time management strategies or “best practices” do you recommend to your classmates as a way to help manage the course workload?

What time management strategies would I recommend to my classmate to help manage the course workload, Try and make a balance between your personal life and school. Put yourself on a daily and weekly time frame, If you have small children prepare their meals ahead of time. If you have a seminar, its easier to do the concussion board right after the seminar is over, so you have one less thing to do. What I normally do is check my classes before hand and see what kind of load I have for the week.

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I start my post to the discussion board on Monday and response to one of my classmates on Tuesday. One Tuesday and Wednesday I complete all assignments that I need, and on Thursday I check out next weeks reading so I’m prepared during the seminar. Part 2 Discuss what the terms “Ethics” and “Morals” mean to you? What the term Ethics mean to me in my opinion is, The professional idea of knowing what is right and what s wrong.

A body of moral principles and values set in a work place, professionals are capable of making Judgments, applying their skills and reaching informed decision. What the term Morals mean to me in my opinion is, Morals are the way people think behave and react. Concerned with Judgment between the good and the bad of human action and character. Everyone has their own morals on what they believe in depending on their religious background. So people may be against abortion and some people may be for abortions depending on their morals and how they were brought up.

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