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Today, I would like to introduce to you Equipper School, a comprehensive online learning service for teachers and students. In a nutshell, teachers can use Equipper School to manage their classes and assign glasswork or homework easily and efficiently. They can quickly see where their students’ strengths and weaknesses lie, and they can help them to improve and flourish. Students can learn more about themselves while learning their subjects, they can earn rewards while isolating their strengths and weaknesses, and they can have access to their whole curriculum at their fingertips.

Equipper have ensured their local content is interesting and relevant for the students, and they can now offer over 1,000 topics and 10,000 questions, covering wide areas of the Philippines K-12 curricula for the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. 2 About Equipper – Fastback Founded in London in 2010 by Mass Waterman, expounder of Japanese social gaming giant Deana 60 staff based in London, Tokyo, Manila 20+ developers from 10 countries Total of 9. 5 million learning app downloads 250 million+ questions answered Raised $10+ million funding in total so far from

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UK-based Atomic, Japan-based Globes Capital Partners, Us-based startups and a Japanese education giant, Benzenes 3 About Equipper – Corporate Motto 4 Equipper School in Philippines – Partnership with many schools – Dedicated support team based in Manila 5 SQ Induction Seminar By degradations – Many media mentions as one of the online learning pioneers in Philippines 6 More than 20,000 teachers signed up so far 90,000 students are studying on APS Partnership with Depend of Guenon/Papas City NAT scores improved by 13% as a result of using 7 Testimonial: NAT score improved by 13% School level implementation of Equipper School – ‘align City East National High School (2,000+ students) – Papas City South High School (3,500+ students) – And much more! Three services on Equipper Schools Create content Create Teacher monitor progress Link Learn Students learn anytime anywhere 10 What Equipper School can provide teachers with 10,sass of questions and lessons Save time, improve results Easy-to-use Basic functions are free 11 Let’s start Demo on Equipper School http://link. Suppression. Com Teachers monitor 12 How can you start Equipper School? 1. Sign up . Create class 3. Create assignments 4. Invite students 13 1. Input basic information 14 2. Create a class 1 . Lineup class name 15 2. Select your course (subject for that class) 16 3. Create a class 3. You have successfully created your class! 17 3. Create your assignment 1. Create a new assignment 18 2. Drag topics that you’d like to select as an assignment Drag topics 19 3. Set the assignment schedule and send it to your students! 20 4. Invite your students 1. Click invite students 21 2. Input students’ names and add them 3.

Print and distribute access codes to students Access code Bonus] Don’t forget to upload your profile photo! 24 Let’s go to Student site. Http://learn. Suppression. Com 25 1. Student sign up Students access to: http://learn. Suppression. Com Sign up via Faceable Input user information 26 2. Join class Input the Access Code that teachers gave to the Join class box Access code the teacher gave 27 3. Learn on Q-Learn! 1. Select right answers…..? 2. Immediately know correct/incorrect with explanation! 28 Going back to http://link. Suppression. Com to see students’ performance 29 Let’s monitor students’ progress Assignments progress in the class Ranking

Difficult questions list on assignments Monitor details per assignments Correct/allowance answers on topics 31 Print out students result into excel 32 Let’s send messages! Students send you message (on Clear) You can immediately reply to them (on Clink) Let’s try Equipper School Q-Link Teacher Sign up : www. Suppression. Com/ Log in : link. Suppression. Com/ Q-Learn Students learn. Suppression. Com If you have any questions, please contact me or email [email protected] Com FAQ (1) Is Equipper School free? A. Yes, the basic functions and content of Equipper School are and will remain free. Equipper School might offer some extra paid features and content to those students who are eager to learn more with explicit permission. Can I download the content? A. There’s no offline functionality or content.

However, by using Equipper School digitally, it’s now very easy to make an assignment and grade your students, as everything will be done automatically and instantly. You and your students can do the Job anywhere and any time. Can I create my own content? A. Yes, please get in touch with Equipper School’s content manager Take (HTTPS:// wry. Faceable. Mom/taskmistress) so he can assist you. How many students can I add? A. You can create as many classes as you want, and add as many students as you want. Not all of my students have internet connection? What should I do? A. How many of your students have FEB. account? If it’s over 70%, then it means that most of your students can somehow use the internet.

Many other teachers are encouraging their students to go to an internet cafe, and instead of spending 30 minis on doing games and Faceable, they can spend 30 minis doing Equipper School and become smarter everyday! 35 FAQ (2) Is Equipper School certified by Depend? A. Yes, Equipper School is certified by some divisional Depend, such as in Guenon City and Papas City. Equipper School is now working hard to get certified by other divisions as well as at the national level. Will training sessions be provided? A. Yes, the training shall be provided by the school ambassador Which subjects does Equipper School provide? A. Equipper School currently provides Math, English and Science from Grade 4 to Grade 10.

Social Studies and Filipino content, as well as the content for lower grades (GIG -3) are now under development. Who created the questions/and lessons? A. Equipper School’s content has been created by content experts as well as many teachers to ensure that it is aligned to the KEY national curriculum. What’s the benefit of using Equipper School? A. Equipper School aims to help teachers lessen their burden of writing and checking assignments manually. Since the content is aligned with K-12 curriculum, teachers can Just easily click and choose topics to assign to students. Moreover, the system automatically checks the students’ assignments and reflects the result via teachers’ analytics.

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