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Jeremy Frisby Eng 111 Self Assessment Assignment 11/17/11 In the beginning of this class, we were asked to write an email to the professor and include our feelings towards writing in the email. I explained that I enjoy writing but I always found myself quitting in the middle of a story because I didn’t have any structure. I would consistently run into writer’s block, and simply give up. English 111 has given me that structure that I have lacked in the past. I feel confident that I am able to write more than just a couple of pages now.

Professor William’s response to my introductory email was, “This class is designed to teach structure. ” She was correct in that it does, she also said I was in good hands, and she couldn’t have been any more correct about that. The assignments in this class were both easy but challenging at the same time. I found it challenging to get started on my essays, but once I did get started, it was cake to finish. For each assignment, I found it easier to get started after I read the sample essays that Professor Williams provided us.

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I thought this was very helpful and I am appreciative for her doing that. The memoir essay was an easy one for me. I wrote about the worst day I ever had in my life. I thought it was easy because it was as simple as writing down my memories of that day. The profile/observation essay was also an easy one. I chose to do my observation on something that was meaningful to me. By choosing to profile a place that was near to my heart, I was able to express my feelings towards the place and how it has changed over the years.

I had some trouble getting started on the evaluation essay. I was trying so hard to come up with a subject that I was neutral on, and it is very difficult to do! Everything I could come up with, I realized that I was very biased on the subjects I wanted to write about. Therefore, I decided to write about Hilton Hotels Corporation. A company that I am very familiar with, yet I do not work for them anymore so no longer biased. Even after writing the paper, I felt that the paper was more selling the company than an evaluation on the company.

Truth is, the company has a lot of good values, and I couldn’t deny that. The argumentative essay was another easy one for me to write, but difficult to decide on what to write about. I came up with two different topics, “Does age matter in a relationship? ” and “Should animals be used for product testing? ” To be honest, I wanted to write about the animals, only because it is more controversial and with me working at Procter and Gamble, I have a lot of insight and knowledge with that topic.

However, the age topic is from my personal experience and I feel strongly about age mattering in a relationship. I figured it would be an essay from my personal experience rather than from my knowledge as I didn’t want the paper to sound like a research paper. Overall, I feel that I am finishing this class with more knowledge on how to write anything. I felt that this class has taught me the basic foundations to writing, and I am looking forward to taking English 112.

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