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The alternative approaches that were discussed to improve the selection process were to add things like hobbies, activities and person information to the application in place of having the regular generic application. I personally do not think that it could predict job performance, but could have some insight on how a person is, individualized or team friendly. IT could also be seen as an invasion of privacy and an illegal question to ask.

A legal question in place of the illegal ones (“What are your hobbies, or likes and dislikes”) loud be anything in regards to the job. The letters of recommendation are another alternative, which I think is a good method to getting some insight on a person. They also give you more information rather than an applicant writing their hobbies. Don’t think that asking “what if’ questions are a good method in the interview process, as some tend to say what the interviewer wants to hear. Lastly, the attitude test and the job analysis. The attitude test could determine how helpful and kind someone may be.

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It’s a little risky I hind but if the hospital were to be involved in a legal issue the job analysis could be used as a back me up. Having someone who is kind taking a patient out is basically essential for the job. 2. For the recruiting and hiring process I think that when it comes to the letters of recommendation it should be strictly professional references. They should offer incentives to those employees who refer more candidates to work. Think this would be good because no one wants to look bad and it would make him or her more accountable.

They should also contact previous employers and ask about job performance. Somewhere in the description should include the things about personality and what they are seeking. 3. Since the problem is the escorts they should create a weekly/ monthly training class that involves working with people. Putting them in scenarios and observing the way they act is a good method to see who and who is not performing properly. When it comes to assignments everything should be noted, no switching unless approved. It would help with handling the complaints.

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