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They came with their family for their dinner. When they enter to the restaurant ret them warmly and take them to the table after that they start ordering food but one thing that our menu was very new for them so that they ask me about all of our dishes and one by one I descried all of our dishes that how is the test and what ingredients we use and how long it will take to cook and etc. During my description they listen me so effectively so that they can choose their food for the dinner.

When they ordered to me their food that time also listen them so carefully so that will not do any mistake because that is their 1 SST time experience in our restaurant. After taking order repeat he order again to them that why if did any mistake in that order than they can make it correct. The whole conversation takes at least 10 min to make the full order. During this conversation I was both a listener and speaker and that was a informational listening situation because I was focused on the speakers to accurately collect the information about their food.

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That was Saturday night so the main barrier in the conversation was the outside noise, because of that noise sometimes I cannot concentrated to them and also some other customer called me at the same time The music of the restaurant is another internal barrier of this conversation, because of this music it was very difficult to hear each other effectively so there was a mixture of effective and non effective listening.

However some of the non effective listening situation occurred while the conversation was going on but still we can improve that kind of listening by using empathic listening system in the replay like “if I hear you correctly, you’d like to take grill chicken pasta” also by giving the proper feedback it can be verbally or non verbally like say yes, alright, or nodding of head, smiling or giving thumbs and etc. The effective hearing skill will be a DOD solution for that kind of conversation situation.

Day 2: Conversation with 9 people This conversation happened on last week when we watched the cricket match between Bangladesh and Pakistan. We were 9 people including me and we are all friends. The participants were me, Suffix, jihad, moon, media, Shawano, newly, Shania and allies. Some of us from Bangladesh and rest of us from Pakistan. The main objective Of this conversation was to show that our team is best and our country players are world best. I am from Bangladesh so that time was supporting my team.

Before the game start my all of Pakistani rinds they told that we will win because we are the favorite and Pakistan never loss with Bangladesh last 15 years so today we will win but we told to them “No” today we will win because now we have some world class cricketer in our team. After the match finally Bangladesh win against Pakistan after 15 years and that time we told them that now our team is totally changed we have some talented youngster in our team so don’t think that you will win against us so easily, but they don’t want to listen to us and we also don’t want to appreciate with them.

They continuously said that that was a accidental name somehow we loss but we are the best, we have lot better player then you. That day we make a lot of argument to each other because we all want to prove that now a day we are better than you. During this conversation was both listener and speaker and that time we all were very active in the evidence and results and didn’t pay major attention to the speakers or their emotions so that was a critical listening conversation situation.

The main barrier for the conversation was we were not interested to listen each other because that time we are all busy with the TV, half of the group were using bile, some Of them Were eating snacks so that was mixture Of effective and non effective listening situation and we were just making argument on the basis of our own view of point so we didn’t focused on the speaker while he said something.

However it was a mixture of effective and non effective listening situation we can improve this kind of listening situation by emphatic listening to an irate client, helping a friend with an emotional situation, or listening to someone who received bad news. We can also practice the effective listening skills to making sure that all the participants are playing a ajar role in the conversation and the positive verbal or non verbal feedback also can be effective for this situation.

Day 3: Conversation with 4 people This conversation also happened on last week at the day of our bangle new year; this is a very special day for us so we are four best friend talks for a long time on video call by Keep. One of my friend he is was from France, two of my friend they was from Dacha and me. We all just talk about our old memories that on that day what we did when we was together, after that we ask each other their present condition like what’s going on with them, then hen any one talk, we all eagerly listen him so that we can understand his all word that he said.

That time we was most interested because mostly we were talking about each other girlfriend and the girls, like we ask our friend who is in France that how is girls over there and how they respond to the foreign boys. They also ask me about Malaysia and Malaysian girls that how pretty the Malaysian girls and how friendly they are, did make any girlfriend here or not?. Then I told about Malaysia and the Malaysian girls and also about that girl whom I like. After that I also ask my friend that how they celebrating the

New Year with their girlfriend. When they were talking that time just listening them and imagine the image of the celebration and also miss my country as well as. We also asked about the dress up of them on that occasion and the foods they eat. The main objective was for that conversation was to know about that how they celebrate their New Year celebration and how the present conditions of their relationship and they also wants to know about our life style in abroad and how we are enjoying or missing something in our present life.

During this conversation I was both a listener and speaker, we were very active during the conversation although it was a non formal conversation so it was also a informational listening conversation situation because we all was focused on each other to know about our present condition and exchanging ideas, or learning about someone through personal stories.

The barriers were for this conversation the breakage of the conversation very often due to the internet problem and also for the different time zone because we were all from different countries so our time was not the same somewhere was mid night somewhere Was night and somewhere Was evening so our incinerations level also was different because of the time. Another internal barrier was lake of attention like some of us was watching TV while they were in the conversation and rest of us were using mobile and sometimes it happened that someone start talking while another one was not finished yet or ask question when someone talking .

So that was also a mixture of effective and non effective listening situation. However it was a mixture of listening but still We can improve this kind of listening by using the empathic listening like focused on the speaker emotions, pay more attention to the conversation ND take note the question and after finish talking ask the question and etc. Practicing the effective listening skills also can be the better solution for this situation to make sure that it is a limited number of people in the meeting and each of the member are playing important role in the conversation.

Day 4: Conversation with my girlfriend This conversation also was in last week with my girlfriend in a restaurant while doing her assignment. She call me in a restaurant to do her assignment because she was totally confused about her assignment and she was totally blank about that how she supposed to start her assignment My girlfriend she also from same school (BUM) and her name is princess, that name is given by me.

Last Monday evening she just call me that she have to submit her assignment Wednesday but she didn’t start yet then we meet in a restaurant and start doing her assignment. In our whole discussion she listen me so genteelly, whatever I said she just listen. The assignment was about the productivity of any hospitality establishment. I decide a hotel to do her assignment then we goggled up about this hotel and she ask me a lot of question like that what information should we have to take from internet and why?

Then tried to describe to her that what information is important for this assignment Most of the important points and Idea I typed in the assignment because she always forced me to find ideas and make the paragraph for this idea. We also discuss to each other to remember the lecture of our lecturer that what she talked about this assignment. Sometimes talked about her hairstyle that like you this hairstyle don’t change I also asked her some family matter of her.

Our whole conversation was like sometimes discuss about assignment and sometimes talked about something else. We also talked about our Thailand tripe and remind some sweet memories. After 4 and half hours finally we was finished the assignment, in this conversation when we talk anything regarding to the assignment we listen each other so effectively, because the main object was for this meeting is finished the assignment.

During this conversation I was both a listener and speaker and during this conversation we both were active and that was a critical listening situation because that conversation and listening was making decisions based on logic and evidence, rather than on emotion we also did the judgment Of each other conversation. The barrier for this listening was the environment because that meeting place was a casual restaurant where lots of people making noise and the loud music system so we couldn’t properly pay attention to our topic.

At the same time there was a football match on TV so some time s my eyes goes on the TV screen and didn’t hear to her. Mobile communication system like what’s app, messenger also interrupted our listening like when someone messaged to us both of us pay our attention to the mobile so it was also another internal barrier for this conversation. Another barrier was time because it was evening so we both ere tired after whole days class and work and our energy level was not so high.

However it was a mixture of effective and non effective listening, We can improve that kind of listening by paraphrasing like give the proper verbal feedback to the speaker while he/she speaking like asking question, positive or negative verbal reaction like yes, No, the non verbal reaction like nodding head, gives the thumbs and etc, strongly react when did not understand something and practice the effective listening skill that make sure that in a limited members meeting each have to play important role. Day 5:Conversation with 4 people This conversation happened on this Monday at my home while we 4 friends discussed about money.

The participants were me, Suffix, masc. and fair. They are all from SEG and we live in the same house. The main objective of this conversation was collect money. Masc. borrow some money from fair and then latter he pay this money to Suffix as the rental for fair,but fair told that masc. did not pay the total money that was he borrowed for him but masc. said that he already pay all the money what he borrowed from him. The reason of this problem is both of them forget that how much money he arrowed and how much he gives, so that’s why we all sit together and discuss about this matter.

Suffix masc. and fair was the main character of this conversation and I was just listening to them. They was talking about all their money transaction between them like that day I gave you this amount and other day I give you the rest amount and fair continuously make the argument that you did not gave me the full amount of money that time was the wideness because sometimes masc. give him money in front of me and then I told him that yah masc. give you that amount of money in front of me UT I know that is not the full amount but rest of the money I don’t know he give you or not.

After that Suffix told that how much money he collect from masc. as the rental of fair and then we calculate the money that Suffix collect and I saw that he give it to fair,so after all calculation its comes out that masc. have to pay another REARM to fair and then fair forced him to pay that night because he need to buy something argental but that time masc. had no money so Suffix pay that 150 RMI to fair on behalf of masc. and masc. assure that he will pay it to Suffix by next week.

During this conversation was doth a listener and speaker and we were so serious and active during the conversation and that was also a critical listening conversation because this conversation we all more focused on to making a decisions based on logic and evidence, rather than on emotion. The barriers was for this conversation lack of interest like that time was mid night and just came from my work and having dinner so I was tired and hungry that’s why I couldn’t pay my full attention to the conversation because I was more interested on my food.

Another barrier was lack of attention while one speaking and all using their wan mobile and Suffix was talking on the phone and all just focused on the main points and evidence and that time also masc. was in hurry to go cove square. So that was a mixture of effective and non effective listening during this conversation. However some o non effective situation that occurred during the conversation improvement that can be made in other to exercise the effective listening skills is that we should limit the number of people and we can provide critical data, have to select the main point which is important and have to evaluate the massage.

For this kind of conversation we can also improve our hearing skills as well as. Day 6: Conversation with my colleague This conversation happened on Friday night at the time of when come back to house from work. After work me and my colleague Sammy form Bangladesh when we come to the bus stand then we saw that the bus just now gone and it’s clear that we have to wait another 15-20 min for the next bus so we two was just stand behind the bus stand and talk to each other.

Mainly our conversation was to ask about each other to know each Other better. That time it was also raining and we were stand under the rain. I ask her about her family, in Bangladesh where she complete her secondary school certificate and when she came to Malaysia, how long she is in this restaurant and etc. She also asked me that how long have been in Malaysia and what course I am doing, how many semester I finished and how many left, also she asked a lot about our university. also asked her about her university and her course then she told me that her university in KILL,that time I was surprised that how come she go to her university 4 times in a week then I asked her about her place where do she lived that is it nice or not and what are the facilities of this place and also the room rent. She also asked me about my place and the rent of my room. We also discuss about our leave because both of our final exam in next month so when we suppose to be take the leave for exam.

Our whole conversation was more than 30 minutes because that night bus didn’t came, so after a long wait she decide that she will go alone to her house by taxi that time I asked her to wait for our two more friends, when they will come we 4 will go together by taxi but she don’t want to listen to me because it was already 1 2:30 am so she didn’t want to wait anymore because after going home she have to call her parents they Were wait for her, So she take a taxi and Went alone to her house.

During this conversation was the both a listener and the speaker and both of us were so active during the conversation and That was an informational listening situation because whole this conversation both of we wants to know about each other and we focused on the information what speaker said and we also didn’t criticize or judged any information of us. The main barrier of our listening was we were under the rain and both of we didn’t have any umbrella and it was mid night and both of we stand beside the road so the total atmosphere was not a perfect place to have a meeting.

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