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Counselor, I realize there are many important factors to become an effective counselor. For a start, to understand my values and morals is important as they may affect the clients I work with. If I am not aware of my ethical views, I may unknowingly project them to my client, which may interfere the relationship I have with my client. There are a few values I have In my life. I believe If I work hard I will be able to achieve what I want In life. There Is nothing Impossible if I tried my best.

I am very determined and motivated towards my goals in life, I want to make my everyday the fullest. I believe that everyone should have expectations of themselves and to work towards achieving their personal goals in life. It is important to always keep in mind that I will never push my beliefs to my clients, even though I hold on to my beliefs strongly. Clients should express their expectations of the session, their needs, how they want to see the structure of sessions, If they find their session beneficial.

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That loud be the expectations I would have from my client. When both me and the client are clear of the expectations, being aware would allow me to change the structure of the session, to make necessary changes to try alternative approach. I will not be empathetic towards my client if I were to hold strong to my beliefs. The change will happen if the client wants to make the change. One of the qualities to be an effective counselor Is the ability to listen to others objectively and be non-judgmental. Through the counseling course.

I have learned that I am Judgmental and stereotype. Non-judgmental means I will need to make constant conscious effort not to be critical of other’s actions and thoughts. If I were to remain open-minded to new ideas and theories, I will be able to reserve my Judgment. I know to do this is not easy, but one can strive for and put into practice as diligently as possible. As a counselor, to maintain client’s confidentiality Is very important. Client who Is willing to share his Intimate details of his life would not want the Information to be shared by others.

I just always remember to be respectful of the client, so that the client has faith In me that I will keep his secrets. I will always treat my client’s privacy as if it were mine. Being the eldest in the family has developed myself to care and loved for others like I love my siblings. Since young, my help to care for my sisters was always needed in the family, therefore helping people has always been high on my list. I have sympathetic ears to my siblings’ problem that I felt I would do the same to my client. I will need to develop empathetic ears instead of sympathetic.

Client does not want me to feel sorry for him but to understand how he feels. Client wants to be listened to and be understood. Inactive listening not only frustrate but depress for the client who has taken his time to see me, to want me to listen to his problems. By listening actively, client will open up his feelings to me, to understand his background and problems. I will maintain disciplined, keep eye contact, and occasionally gives reassuring comment. This will benefit the flow of conversation and to reinforce the and open to engagement.

By taking interest to the conversation, my client may feel reassure, and ultimately trust and respect will be built between me and the client. To be self-aware is something that will grow over time and with exploration. Given time and techniques, I will learn about myself based on my personal experiences and thoughts. I will be given a lot of opportunities that will allow me to question my beliefs, awareness and values that I believe it is the foundation of my counseling career. As a counselor I will use my knowledge gained to help my client to overcome his problems and personal issues.

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