Maintaining Ethical Standards Assignment

Maintaining Ethical Standards Assignment Words: 428

This week’s assignment Is about case studies In concern with family and couple Issues. Identifying the Issues and how they are to be resolved while malignantly ethical standards are the basis of this paper. The paper will describe the ethical issue that a case worker is faced with and referencing the MAMBA Code of Ethics. The Case of Frank and Judy Frank and Judy is a married couple that is experiencing problems and are considering divorce. Before going through with the process, they decide to seek help from marriage counselors.

In this case, there are three counselors involved in their hereby. Counselor one believes that it is unethical to Impose her personal beliefs, as and her duty as a counselor Is to help the couple to find the best solution to the problems rather than telling the couple what should or should not be done. Counselor two believes that the couple should be separated; feeling that It would be In the best welfare of the children. Counselor three is against divorce and the couple should stay together and work out their marital problems.

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Counselors find that their values may conflict with the clients. In order to avoid his issue, the counselors must be vigilant of the influences their values have with their clients and maintain the necessary balance between what they feel is right and the client’s decisions. Counselor one was the therapist who believed that her Job was to serve as a guide for her clients, not a recruiter seeking to validate her own issues. A good counselor Is one who can remain neutral.

It Is Important that a counselor foes what Is beneficial to their clients. They are not to tell the client what decisions to make but to provide them with the tools to help solve his or her problems. Developing a philosophy of life is in their best interest. Their own philosophy will be more in meaning than being told so. We must remember that it is not the counselor’s role to change the client’s values; it is our Job to help them to feel comfortable with the decisions that was made.

According to Article 1. 8 of the MAMBA Code of Ethics, “Marriage and family counselors respect the rights of the clients to make decisions and help them to understand the consequences of the decisions. Counselors clearly advise the clients that they have the responsibility to make decisions regarding relationships such as cohabitation, arraign, divorce, separation, reconciliation, custody, and visitation”.

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