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This discussion is based on case study of imposition of values by a counselor. Mary Ann is a 19 year old college student, who sought counseling at the college counseling center due to her depressive behavior and desire to do better in school work. She is not expressing suicidal feelings but rather she expressed her thought of disappearance and not to exist. She spoke proudly about her brother who is pursuing education in the seminary, and states her desire to work in the church but eventually feels less energized to do so.

Mary has a strong believes in her Christian and Religious faith. She also described her family as being religious and that faith is very important in their lives. Mary Ann is seeking counseling because she has negative feelings about herself based on her past experience of being raped and abortion as a teenager without telling anyone. She also indicated that the goals she wants in life are no longer possible due to past experience. She shared this information to a counselor, Marcus she had met a month ago, and the nformation seemed to have indicated a good therapeutic relationship with both Mary Ann and Marcus.

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Marcus seems to be convinced when the counseling is in progress that Mary Ann’s religious beliefs are the contributing factor to her depression, and counselor attempt to refocus Mary Ann to another alternative by introducing his own interpretation before she can make progress to her goals by attending churches with different view on abortion. Mary feels discouraged and did not return to counseling stating her need was to make progress on her depression but not on her religious faith.

Ethical challenges in the case related to the code of ethics According to ACA (2014)(A. 2. C), counselors must communicate information in a reason ways that are both developmentally and appropriate. Counselors must use clear and understandable language to discuss issues related to cultural and religious beliefs. It is important to be multi-culturally grounded before tackling issues on religious beliefs in order to collaborating well with the clients, and as well to reframe from cultural implication that might resonates.

Finally, explain how this ethical challenge might have been prevented According to ACA (2014) indicated that when counselors spend more time with client it will pave the way in building trust and therapeutic relationship. Also, when a counselor is not grounded well with diverse multi-cultural and religious system the counselor should consult more qualified and experienced counselor for advice. Mary Ann needed the counselor to resolve her feelings of depression and motivate her in order to do better in school and to get involved in any way with her religious faith.

It is essential to understand the religious and cultural background of the client and the family in order to initiate appropriate intervention. IAMFC Ethical codes and Case Study 4 Working with an Immigrant Family The client , Esmerelda and her family are undergoing some serious situation, parents on immigration issues on deportation and Esmerelda appear exhausted, grief and fear. It is significantly important for counselors to be fully aware of legal, and immigration because of many issues that nay arise.

Counselors should emonstrate an active concern for family well-being and promote client safety, security, and place of belonging in society. According to IAMFC code of ethics, Hendricks et al. , (2011) noted that professional couple and family counselors are willing to support family in counseling relationship and become involved in advocacy, emphasizing co-participation, co-responsibility, and dignity of all families.

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