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In the temperament theory there are four different types of temperament groups, which are described as: Artisan, Guardian, Rational, and Idealist. It is then broken down even more into “character types”. There are four types of each temperament. After completing the KITS, I realized how much of me was described after taking the questionnaire. It described me as, “very cooperative and enjoys serving the needs of people, especially those close to you.

You approach tasks in an organized and thoughtful matter and are excellent with follow through and detail work” (Seekers); which is correct. Even ore important, temperaments can have a negative or positive affect on your job. In my job my temperament affects my work in a positive way; I am always very disciplined at work, I enjoy encouraging my co-workers to keep up the great work that they have been doing and I also like to implement teamwork to get our job done together. Also, guardians can have a lot of fun, but they are quite serious about their college success.

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Having this temperament is very helpful with my college success; it helps me to be successful with accomplishing my duties for my courses and improves my social skills while irking on committees and working on group project with others. Secondly, temperaments can also affect parenting in many different ways. It makes my job easier; my daughters can count on me for anything. If there is a job that needs to be done I am there for them, to help, and to guide them. My daughters can trust me and depend on me; I am a guardian-protector who brings stability to our home.

My temperament gives me the boost I need to be more productive and effective in my parenting. In addition, some my strengths are; am down to earth, trust worthy, and a very caring person. For instance, one day I walked into Rite Aid to get some water and as I am walking down the aisle an older white woman frowned her face at me. Said hello to her, but continued to go through the store to get what I came for. When I got to the line I ended up being behind the woman who had given me dirty looks, just a few minute ago. I then overheard the clerk tell the woman that her total Was seven dollars.

The woman was scrabbling through her purse and realized she had left her wallet at home. At that moment my temperament kicked into play and purchased her items as well as mines. Twice some of my strengths when it comes to serving the needs of others; I go great lengths to make sure people are cared for. Also communicating with others is very natural for me; whether it is friends or strangers. In return I get treated with respect for all that do. At times having a guardian-protector temperament you have your weakness. Am too nice, I give too much of my self to others which allows for me to be let down, used or hurt.

Indeed, people take advantage of me knowing that I will always go the extra mile for them. Also knowing can never ay no they use that to their advantage. My mother is a perfect example Of knowing my weakness, she often asks me for favors. Usually my mother’s favors consist of borrowing money or watching her two adopted children. Over and over again tell my self that I will not let her borrow money again; but I can never seem to say the word no. At one point my mother began to ask me for more money to support her alcohol habits. She would then give me all of these sad stories as to why she needed the money.

The entire time I had no idea what my mother was doing with all of the money. In having this weakness with helping others, I enable their bad habits instead of saying no. I am actually giving money to support my mother’s alcoholic habits. It makes me feel angry with my self for not knowing how to ever say no to someone that love. One way I can overcome my weakness is by growing courage to stand up to my mother or anyone else who takes advantage of my good deeds, and actually Start telling them no! Can also go to therapy groups with people that have similar issues with family members who use them for their drug habits.

I could benefit a lot by going to these group sessions because I can get a different insight and advice from people who have been through similar issues. In taking the KITS and writing this assignment it has helped me in a lot of ways. It has helped me understand my temperament and actually define how really am. It has also brought to my attention how I can better my weaknesses with my temperament, and that it is okay to say no to people. Being a guardian doesn’t mean that you have to stop your good deeds, or just stop helping people all together.

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