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This means if I accidental forget to do one, it will not affect my grade. The course project is called the diet analysis, 40 and is worth points. Successful uploading and submission of your assignment in the drop is verified by DEL sending an email receipt. Where can you find the links to all syllabus materials? In the content area under the title ‘syllabus links’ As long as you complete your discussion posts by the due date, you will all receive full points. Quality and quantity Will not count. False got admitted to the emergency room the morning of my exam 3 and therefore could not take the exam.

The way this will be handled is: will take the final to replace exam 3 an calculate my own grade because quizzes, drop assignments, discussions, exams and the diet analysis are worth certain number of points. Can add up those points to compare to the points needed for each grade. How many minutes will you have to complete each exam? 50 You will be using the USDA Supertanker website for the Diet Analysis, which is Often unreliable. What should you do to avoid problems? Start the assignment early in the term so that any unforeseen problems can be handled early on How much time will you have to complete each quiz? Hours If want an ‘A’ in the class, I must earn at least n the class, I must earn at least 360, 320 points, and if I want a ‘B’ There is a chart within the syllabus links that shows all the due dates for the course on one table. Digestion Quiz Feeling weak or light-headed could indicate food and fluid. Hunger What is the role of saliva? All answers are correct Which of the following leaves the stomach first? Or a physical need for carbohydrates A thick, slippery secretion of forms a protective layer, preventing the destruction of the stomach lining from strong digestive juices. Cuss When considering hunger and appetite, the nervous system is strongly involved. After absorption travels through the lymph system until eventually reaching the bloodstream. Which of the following is true of the small intestine? The small intestine has unique, circular folds and villa to increase its absorptive surface. The definition of “digestion” is the transfer of food particles from the GIG tract into the bloodstream. Most digestive enzymes come from the pancreas The produces bile and the stores it. Ever; gallbladder is the breaking down of food into its smallest components; the transferring of nutrients into the circulatory and lymph systems. Digestion; absorption Having bacteria in the large intestine is not healthy and can make a person sick. The only treatment for celiac disease is a gluten-free diet. Hydrochloric acid is produced in the small intestine. You have been diagnosed with gastrointestinal reflux disease (GEAR). Which of the following foods should you avoid to prevent backfill of stomach acids into the esophagi? Coffee Carbohydrate Quiz Which of the following is NOT a polysaccharide? Lactose Plants are our only source of carbohydrates. Functional fiber is the same as dietary fiber. Whole grains are superior in nutritional quality to refined grains. Approximately how long does it take for your liver’s glycogen stores to be depleted? 18 hours Which simple sugar is also known as milk sugar? Lactose people with lactose molestation are deficient in the enzyme lactate Polyps (sugar alcohols) are common reduced-calorie sweeteners used in which of the following products? Chewing gum All dark breads are good sources of fiber. Your friend was recently diagnosed with high cholesterol.

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Which of the following food choices would you recommend to him to help lower his cholesterol? Oatmeal Processed foods and added sugars should be completely avoided in a person’s diet. Sugar causes diabetes. Another name for table sugar is: sucrose When blood glucose levels rise, your pancreas releases a hormone called into your blood to help transport glucose to cells. Insulin The enzyme produced by saliva in the mouth is called: Amylase Fat and Protein Quiz: How many nonessential amino acids exist? 11 Which of the following is true about enzymes?

They are not changed during the reaction. Negative nitrogen balance occurs: in burn patients. Plant protein can be hard to digest because: plant cell walls cannot be broken down by intestinal enzymes. A classic symptom of kwashiorkor is: edema in the legs, feet, and stomach. Complementing plant proteins will provide all the essential amino acids when eaten in the same day. Jennifer is interested in becoming a vegetarian but loves eggs and milk products. What type of vegetarian will she be if she gives up all animal flesh and eats only plant foods, eggs, and milk products? Actor-vivo-vegetarian One of the functions of a transport protein is : allowing sodium and potassium to pass out of the cell. When amino acids are broken down they can be stored as fat. Stomach acid denatures protein, preparing it for the action of: digestive enzymes. Lipids that are liquid at room temperature are called oils. Lecithin is used in food as an emulsifier. What type of fatty acid is alpha-lenience acid? Polyunsaturated Unsaturated fats are more prone to rancidity because: the double bonds are susceptible to damage by oxygen It is recommended to eliminate all saturated fat from your diet.

Alcohol Quiz Ethanol is made through a process called the natural sugars found in fruits and grains. Fermentation that involves yeast and Which of the following does NOT meet the definition of an alcoholic drink? A pain accolade that contains 1. 5 ounces of standard rum and 1. 5 ounces of coconut flavored rum Where is alcohol absorbed? Stomach and small intestine Where is alcohol metabolize? Stomach and liver Alcohol can suppress brain stem activities, which leads to: suppression of breathing and heart rate Which of the following explains differences in alcohol absorption from person to person?

People with more DAD in their stomachs will absorb less alcohol Someone who drinks the equivalent of 30 grams of alcohol is taking in how many calories from the alcohol alone? 210 What may happen to the liver after just a few days of alcohol overcompensation? It can enlarge with stored fat Cirrhosis: All of the above Women who drink during pregnancy put their babies at risk for: Fetal alcohol syndrome Alcohol is a diuretic which explains its connection to dehydration. Consequences of college drinking include: 1700 deaths per year BACK can keep rising even after drinking has ceased.

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