Nutrition And Hygiene Fill The Gap Worksheet Assignment

Nutrition And Hygiene Fill The Gap Worksheet Assignment Words: 304

The foods which supply us with energy – _carbohydrates_, fats & proteins need to be limited in our diet. It is recommended that we only take in the following; 50-60% Carbohydrates 25 – 30 % _fats_ (from unsaturated sources) 10-15% protein (from _meats_ such as fish, chicken & plants) Salt use should be minimal & we should boost the quantity of _ nutrients” calcium & vitamin C that we consume. Carbohydrates are the most important as they give us _glycogen_ quickly & efficiently. Fats & proteins also provide us with energy but not as well. Glycogen made from carbohydrates is stored in the _artery_, muscles & the blood.

Intense exercise _burns_ carbohydrate quickly so it is an important part of a sports person’s diet. Any carbohydrate we don’t use is _ stored_ as fat on our body. Fats are important as they provide energy. They provide it more slowly but in bigger quantities. They need extra _ fibre_ to burn. This is our main source of energy when we are asleep or at rest. They also keep our skin in good condition, helps keep us _ warm _ & protects our vital organs. Extra fat is stored as _ adipose_ tissue around the body. Too much extra weight is not helpful to sportspeople. Too much fat leads to _obesity_ & high cholesterol evels.

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This substance travels in our blood & the extra that isn’t used by the body builds up on _ liver _ walls causing circulatory problems. For our body to work properly we need 21 different _amino_ acids. We make 13 of these, which are called Non-essential amino acids. The other 8 we have to get from the food we eat, as we cannot make them ourselves. These are the essential Artery Disease Food Amino Glycogen Essential Burns Fibre Energy Stored Liver Oxygen Carbohydrates Ingredients Balanced Fats Nutrients Meats Diet Warm Adipose Health Obesity Slow amino acids.

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