Diabetes Mellitus Nutritionassignment Assignment

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When insulin does not work or isn’t there the cells glucose levels rise and stay high that is why people with diabetes must get insulin injections if their own insulin does not work. The types of microinstructions that the body relies on to make TAP are carbohydrates, fats, and some from proteins but protein’s main function is to be broken down into amino acids to build other proteins that humans need.

People with untreated diabetes lose fat and muscle mass because glucose is what cells use for energy o do work and if glucose is not available the body starts using its fat reserves and releasing the amino acids form the muscles in order to supply the body and the brain with the energy that it needs to do the work. The body finds ways to break down fats for energy but red-blood cells and the cells of the nervous system require glucose to do work and the brain prefers glucose so amino acids are broken down when glucose does not work that is why muscle mass, fat and liver break down when response to glucose is not working properly.

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Ketosis and acidosis’s occur in people with mismanaged diabetes because if glucose continues to not work properly the body finds a way to use its fat to fuel the brain. The body adapts by combining acetylene Coo fragments derived from fatty acids to produce an alternate energy source. Ketene bodies that are normally produced and used in small quantities can efficiently provide fuel for brain cells but when ketene body production rises after a few days the ketene acid’s concentration will also rise making the Ph.

Of the blood drop making the blood acidic. Acidic blood denatures the proteins so that these stop working. So in a matter of a short period of time people will have severe complications if they do not treat diabetes. I do not think that it is wise to stop for people with diabetes to avoid carbohydrates because they are the main source of glucose. There are some scars that are better than others like those that ate whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, foods that are high in fiber that help the body absorb the nutrients faster.

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