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This technique implements replacing people with machines. Businesses expect there to be less mess ups in the systems, and be able to predict the reaction of consumers to these machines. It may seem rational to put machines in place of humans, to increase productivity, less miss haps, the ability to control the working environment, and less cost. Replacing nonhuman for humans is irrational. First the machines can bread down or have a malfunction that is not easily fixable, the company will still have to call in a human to fix the machine that replaced a human.

A problem such as this will not only slow production, but f the problem is severe enough a company may have to shut down for a day or two. Ritzier points out how nonhuman technology is not only to control customers, but it is to control employees. The control comes in when a workers job is being threatened by being replaced by a machine. If the employee has frequent foul LIPS, in productivity, or with the system they can be replaced. In a case such as this the employee will work harder to have less mess ups, which can cause loss in the quality of work.

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Mistakes are bound to happen they are unavoidable with human workers; however in nonhuman genealogy there can be miss haps as well such as a machine not functioning properly. For example let us look at online education, you have to log into what is called a blackboard. You have to log in so many hours each week, and hand in assignments through this system. Imagine the system is down you cannot hand in assignments, or log in your class hours. This can cause you to fall behind in work, and you have to wait for technical support to fix the issue. Regular maintenance would have to be done which can be costly.

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