Selecting Appropriate Learning Resources for Students Assignment

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This essay will provide the explanation as to why they have been determined as such. It is estimated that roughly seventy percent of learning is done wrought our sense Of sight, thus visual aids are extremely important in a classroom. The motorized Solar System is a AD replica of the plants as they orbit the sun. This aid would be good for early childhood because the color and motion will capture the attention of this age group. The model takes an abstract concept and creates a realistic and tangible connection with the lesson.

The hearing impaired would also be suitable to use this visual aid because it requires predominantly ones sight to appreciate it. Thus the bright colors, motion and shape will help engage the hearing impaired to the lesson. Limited Sight students are regularly challenged by classroom instruction. However the motorized Solar system is well-designed for them because they can feel the various sizes of the planets coupled with the in sync explanation provides a unique but efficient learning resource.

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Behaviorally Challenged students are capable of participating in the mainstream classroom as long as a strict routine is adhered to and typically teachers have those in place for student in this age group. The Motorized Solar system would be ideal for this kind of student because it will grasp their attention long enough to connect them to the lesson. The aid is not too fast as to distract them nor is the lighting to bright, both of which typically trigger episodes in behaviorally challenged students.

As long as the teacher prepares the class and the student that the planets move then they will be prepared for the aid. Preparedness is crucial if effective instruction is desired. The gifted and talented students would relate to the Motorized Solar system as well. The visual aid would support the higher level learning capabilities by allowing the student to calculate the distance between the planets in a precise way, and for a third grade class this would satisfy their inquisitions.

Additional instruction could also be given for extra credit during the lesson to hypothesize the distance from the sun as well as the orbital spin of each planet. The model provides varying degrees of learning bound to grasp the interest of this wide spectrum of students. Learning Disabled Students typically require a variety of learning resources to support their retention of a subject matter. This visual aid would allow just that because it provides another dimension of learning for them.

The Motorized Solar system would engage the student and would enlist the use of more than one of their menses, giving them the ability to touch and see the model. This facilitates a delicate yet intensified learning experience for a learning disabled student. SSL and Multicultural students if presented with this learning tool would be able to use and understand the concept of the solar systems because it allows the student to visualize the concept. This is extremely important for SSL and multicultural students as they adapt their native language skills to English standards.

Teachers are contain joyously seeking creative ways to connect a diverse student to content specific curriculum, as of late, the internet has become a readily accessible resource for teachers across disciplines. Linking both teacher and student to individualized instruction and assessment the Internet Bar Graph allows them to assess their understanding of bar grasp. This learning aid accommodates the Early Childhood learner because the technological incorporation will tap into the interest of this age group that is in constant contact with internet friendly devices.

Early childhood learners will be intrigued, and motivated by the independence afforded by the computer. The fine motor skills as well as hand and eye ordination will be passively addressed as well thus creating a multiplexing learning experience. The Hearing Impaired would be able to use this kind of teaching aid because it requires the use of the other senses that are intuitively heightened due to the handicap. (Sight, touch). The colors and ease of use will equip the hearing impaired student with uninhibited confidence. The colors as well as the immediate reward or support for correct or incorrect answers.

This Internet bar graph will hold their attention while honing in on independent learning. Limited Sight students could use the internet bar graph cause of the ability to increase the size of the font on the computer thus enlarging the letters and bar graphs. With or without the enlarged screen the internet bar graph will grasp the attention of the learner due to its use of bright color and immediate support for correct or incorrect answers. This allows students to become independent learners. Behaviorally Challenged would not be a recommended user for this style of educational resource.

These students will be distracted by the multiplicity of sensory stimulation. This may cause outbreaks of behavior issues, and derail the learning process. Gifted and Talented students would be able to use this educational this resource because it will allow them the opportunity to work at their own pace which will be significantly ahead of their peers. This will provide them an opportunity to display their ability to navigate and internalize the material, while not posing a distraction or discouragement to standard learners.

The immediate support for teachers and software will guide the gifted and talented learner to accelerate to the next lesson. Learning disabled students like the behaviorally challenged would not be recommended for the internet AR graph. The capacity to navigate through an assignment is a difficulty for the learning disabled, the added component of a computer mouse and navigating may cause unnecessary hurdles for this age group. As they mature and become competent in basic skills, a gradual integration of computer usage can occur.

For a third grade learning disabled child the stimulation would be too much for them to handle and will lead to unnecessary discouragement, and possible education delays. SSL and Multicultural students would be able to use this educational resource due to its simplistic format. Integration of the internet is instrumental in the language development of these students. Being able to read the question and apply their understanding of English will support their education. Multicultural student will also be able to see without any misunderstanding what and how a bar graph is used.

The format of the questions is easy and support individualized learning. As an extension to the notion Of Computers being an innovative tool for the majority of a student body, You Tube videos have increasingly garnered respect in the educational arena, and have replaced the antiquated TV and VS. units. Early childhood Learners would appreciate this learning tool because it is in a cartoon format. The characters in the video are the same age, so the universality of common core standards are intrinsically connected and will spark the desire to learn the science lesson.

They will be intrigued by the colors used in the video as well as the simple and age appropriate terminology for the parts of a plant. Hearing Impaired students would not benefit with this learning aid. They would be disconnected from the lesson because of the necessity to listen to the information. Although the video is extremely graphic a third grader with this kind of disability would be disengaged. Limited sight students would be able to benefit by using this educational resource due to the use of audio throughout the video.

Additionally the video is extremely specific and g=high lights each individual part as they describe the parts of the plant making it easier for the limited sight student to understand the lesson. The You Tube video would be appropriate for Behaviorally Challenged students because the video is vivid but not too busy as to distract them. The video uses Imagery hat is child friendly and uses same age children, thus encouraging learning. Children of this age group and with this kind of disadvantage are familiar with you tube and will be excited to use it in an educational way.

Gifted and talented students would be able to use this educational resource because it allows them the ability to absorb the content without interruptions form other classmates that may be struggling t=with the information. The independence that gifted and talented students often require is emphasized with this learning resource. You Tube videos would also be an ideal learning LOL for the Learn ins Disabled student as well for many of the same reasons. The ability for these students to view the video at their pace, meaning they can fast forward or rewind the video if they need to as a mean to comprehend the material.

The animation is age appropriate and the material is presented in a clear and concise manner adding to its usability with this particular group of students. Lastly The You Tube video would be appropriate for SSL and Multicultural students because the characters are of an ethnic decent, showing the third grader student that cultural diversity is appreciated. The characters also have an accent, and are speaking English, therefore showing the students, they too can become proficient in the English Language.

This age group is developmentally becoming aware of their differences and this resource depicts inclusion while simultaneously enlisting the use of their language skills. Multimedia resources are all but short and a necessary educational tool in a classroom. Due to the digital age they have also made a transition into the internet data base. Scholastic news is an education too that bridges content specific information into a kid friendly medium. Early Childhood learners WOUld find this resource user friendly and appropriate.

The graphic nature of the magazine is sure to grasp their attention and will provide a variety of opportunities to show comprehension of the material read, by strategically implanted question, word searches and fill in the blank exercises. Scholastic news also is deemed appropriate for Hearing Impaired students a typical third grade classroom. Largely in part of the manner the magazine uses bright inviting graphics and incorporates information coupled with a variety of exercises. The student is encouraged to dead the material and periodically put their newly acquired knowledge to the test.

Hearing impaired students will be afforded the freedom to work at their own pace without the reliance of other aides. This will give them confidence. Limited sight students would be to use this learning resource because again the quality of this learning tool is agreeable for an extremely diverse student body. The limited sight student would be able to focus their attention to the literature at their own pace. Depending on the severity of the impairment the teacher or child can increase the font size as need be making the e use of the scholastic news magazine more clear if need be.

On the site there is a magnifying glass that the student could use as well to scroll over the words, again this depends on the degree to which the students impairment ranges. Limited sight students could also be provided with a printed copy of the magazine as well allowing for the student to view the content at a desired distance. The appropriateness of the scholastic news magazine on line is deemed as inappropriate for the behaviorally challenged because these students experience difficulties engaging, attending, participating, and implementing instructional activities.

Lack of academic engagement causes students to fail at mastering skills; this tool could possibly cause frustration for this type of learner at the first failed attempt to navigate. The need for singular tasks is imperative for a behaviorally challenged student, this magazine presents a lot of information and it may be ventilating for them, causing room for episodes that are detrimental to the classroom environment as well as the learning experience. They may become disengaged.

Gifted and Talented students would be able to benefit from this earning aide because it gives the student an opportunity to learn , read and test their knowledge base at their pace. The inquisitive nature of these kinds of learners IS harnessed in the way the magazine poses the questions for further inquiry if desired, and that typically is what a gifted and talented learner needs to do. Learning Disabled would not be successful in using this kind of learning tool because they may be unable to focus due to the variety of articles and tasks within one magazine.

Some depending on the type of disability may be discouraged because of the sole reliance of reading and impression, a magazine alone would not be ideal for this type of student. Realizing their inabilities while using this resource may result in low self- esteem which would greatly affect their academic success as well as social skills. SSL and Multicultural students would find this tool a user friendly addition to the classroom . The articles explore varying regions and often take a closer look at different cultures thus drawing a parallel to the student and the curriculum.

This is necessary to ensure that these learners are included and feel that their cultural heritage is appreciated and important in an educational setting. This resource will also encourage the use of their reading and comprehension skill as they use their developing language skills. They are also given multiple opportunities to test and their knowledge base. Lastly, audio is a unique and quick go to resource that teachers incorporate into a lesson as a strategic means to elicit a multistory learning experience.

Children in the third grade are captivated by creativity with in a lesson. The Clue Finders Computer game is a resource that provides core curricular subject matter that tracks students success as they progress though the aerogram. Early childhood learners would be ideal students fit this computer game because it is vivid, it encourages independent learning and enlists the fine motor skills that are still being fine-tuned in this age group. The program provides immediate feedback as well as encouragement as they navigate through the game.

The early childhood third grader would enjoy the game while the teacher will feel d=secure that intrinsic learning is occurring. Hearing Impaired students would appreciate this learning tool as well because it allows for independent learning and encourages the use of other menses that hearing students are developing as such as hand and eye coordination. This will allow the student to feel a sense of communal learning instead of isolation . The program although has sound, requires the student to navigate and through different screens while learning rudimentary concepts.

Limited Sight learners would not be benefit from this learning aid. It relies heavily on a student visual acuity, and may become bothersome for these kinds of learners. The graphics may be too fast, too bright, or even not clear thus creating barriers between the information and the student’s disability. Similarly, behaviorally challenged would not be able to successfully use this resource. The need for students to navigate through the various screens while attempting to answer question may be too distracting for a behaviorally challenged learner.

The motivators built into the program may not be the kind that is needed to stimulate a positive learning experience and may even create episodes of combative behavior. The student would require assistance to hon. in on a specific task and not be distracted. Clue finders would be appropriate for Gifted and talented students because it allows theses dents to explore at their accelerated pace with the perfect amount of reinforcement as well as self-checking and redirection.

The multi-curricular program allows the learner an opportunity to switch between subject matter, so the student can explore as much as they want while still experiencing an individualized learning experience. Learning Disabled would not be an ideal student for this resource, like the behaviorally challenged learner, too many Options can actually be a deterrent and impede the learning experience. The layout other the computer program gives the student the freedom to choose hat they would like to practice and provides feedback while giving instructions if incorrect answers are selected.

The manner the program responds may not mesh well with the learning Disabled child. They may become confused and therefore become disengaged. SSI and Multicultural students in a third grade class would benefit because they would welcome an opportunity to display their ability to work independently. Also the computer game is user friendly and give simple instructions coupled with an instant visual aid that consistently supports the linguistic and cultural needs of these kinds of learners.

Third graders are still developing language and fine motor skills and this aid will maximize the ability of SSL and multicultural students to practice while the program keeps track and monitors success and accomplishments in these areas. By selecting appropriate resources that address a diverse student population a homogeneous student climate for learning is derived as the teacher seamlessly y addresses the individual needs of their students. Teachers are trained to know which materials suit their student body and by selecting carefully all will benefit form a healthy learning environment.

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