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In order to ensure a successful installation, please follow the instructions carefully. You can also refer to the step-by-step video located at: http:// cam. Superstructures. Com Page 2 1 . Close all programs and files. It is very important that you save and close all files; you will receive no reminders to save and close open files, and will not be able to retrieve any work that you did not save before installing Secure Student. Your computer will automatically reboot after the installation. 2. Click the Download CAM Secure Software link to launch the Secure Student installation program. Click on the “Run” button or save the file to your desktop and open it by doublethink. F-allow the setup instructions on your screen for installing the Secure Student program. 4. Your computer will automatically reboot and The Secure Student icon will appear on your desktop. The computer is now ready to run Secure Student. Before starting the application, ensure that the computer is connected to the Internet. A note about firewalls: In order to download Secure Student, some users may be prompted to temporarily disable certain firewalls (but not the anti- virus component).

If you do disable a firewall, then once the Secure Student download is completed, enable your firewall again. 4. Launching Secure Student After installing the software, a Secure Student icon is placed on the desktop. To start the application, double-click on this icon. Page 3 5. Obtaining/Updating your License In order for candidates to successfully log into the Secure site to answer each practice case exam and the live case exam, they must obtain confirmation of the license that is attached to their email address. Candidates are encouraged to obtain this confirmation at least one week before attempting the exam.

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The email address that will be used to identify the candidate will be the one recorded in the “Candidate Update Profile” page of the Professional Programs site (accessed from the left-hand menu of the Candidate Home Page). Each candidate is associated with only one email address. If candidates provided more than one email address in their candidate update file, they should use the first email address they have recorded. Your user license is associated with your email address. Therefore, it is critical that candidates notify their provincial office of any changes to their email dress in order update their user license login.

The first time that you run Secure Student you need to click on “Get Exams and Licenses” in order to download important files to your computer that will allow the software to run. Once you have clicked on “Get Exams and Licenses” the “Updates” dialog will appear. Fill in your user name (email address) and password (CAM member number) in the appropriate fields. Leave all check boxes “checked” and click on the “Expiated” button. Secure Student will download your Exams and Licenses, and any software updates and other required files. Note: You must be connected to the Internet for this operation to succeed.

Once the updates have completed, click on “Close” to exit the updates dialog. If for some reason your login information is not recognized by Secure Student, please contact your provincial administrator. Page 4 6. “Computer Qualification Exam” Becoming Familiar with the Secure Student Software In this section you will need to complete the following: a) Download and take the “Computer Qualification Exam” b) Upload the completed “Computer Qualification Exam file to cam. Superstructures. Mom website and not the Professional Programs website.

The “Computer Qualification Exam” is a test exam that inspects your system and ensures that the software will properly run on your system. You must select this exam the first time you launch Secure Student program (well before the first practice case exam) to ensure that your system functions correctly as well as to familiarize yourself with the functionality of the two screens available. 1 . Open the Secure Student application by double clicking the Secure icon on your desktop. 2. You will have the option of choosing either English or French. Page 5 .

Click on “Login and take an exam” from the main screen. 4. The “Exam Credentials” dialog will appear. Enter your Surname (your email address) and click “K” to continue. USB Backups (actual Case Examination) Your response to the actual Case Exam is backed up on a USB key during the exam session. The “USB Drive Backup Wizard” will guide you through the process of properly registering your USB key with Secure Student and testing your USB key to ensure the proper usage. If you take an exam that does not require the use of a USB backup, e. G. A practice case exam assignment, simple select “Quit USB Test.

Page 6 Secure Student Users Guide For the real Case Exam, candidates will be provided guidance on the use of the USB backup function. Candidates will be given a USB backup key at the exam writing centre and will be required to test the USB backup prior to starting the exam (time will be allowed for this). After quitting the USB test, you will now see the exam selection menu. There are seven choices on this screen: Case Exams (will only be available on that date), Computer Qualification Exam, Practice Exam template and the three practice case exam assignments.

Entering the Qualification Exam Click the check box next to the “Computer Qualification Exam” and click the “K” button. Appendix A outlines how to access some of the functionality keys available. The software will set up the exam which may take a few moments (especially on older computers and those with limited RAM memory). Once the exam is ready, the “Exam Start” dialog will appear. Once you type in “start” and press the enter key, your exam start time will be recorded and you will have access to the exam writing software.

Page 7 If, during the Computer Qualification exam, your computer reboots, it will ask o for a proctor password to re-enter the exam. The password is: page Essay Answer Tab An Answer tab and a Spreadsheet tab will appear at the top of the screen. For the qualitative portions of your answer, click on the “Answer” tab and an essay answer template will be provided, as shown above. Type your response in this template. Headers and page numbering will be automatically added. (Note: If you click the header of the word document, all the text turns grey. There is no way to revert the text back to another color. The defaults for the answer screen are not consistent with the standard Professional Programs assignment specifications (e. G. Secure Student uses Times New Roman font and single spacing). You can change the line spacing from single to double by clicking on Format, Paragraph, and Line Spacing. The program will not allow you to change the font style but will allow you to change the size. Simply change the font size in Font size window. There are only a limited number of Word functions available. For example, the Tables function is not available.

As a result, any tables, calculations or Page 8 financial statements should be prepared in the spreadsheet tab. You are devised not to waste time copying and pasting from the Spreadsheet to the Answer template – the rows and columns will not properly line up. Spreadsheet Tab For the quantitative analysis portions of your answer or for any tables, click on the “Spreadsheet’ tab and a spreadsheet template will appear, as shown above. A limited number of standard Excel functions are available. The template is designed to print the page on letter-size paper using portrait orientation.

Do not enter any data to the right of column ‘N’ in the spreadsheet, this information will not print on your exam. Please be sure not o work in this area; you will also see a warning message. This exam will require you to be in the software for five minutes as the software analyzes your computer for compatibility with the software. Once five minutes have elapsed, and/or you feel comfortable with the process and functionality of the Secure Student software, you may exit out of the exam and save your file. Once you have exited out of the Computer Qualification exam, you will need to UPLOAD your exam file.

Do not rename the computer qualification exam file. Doing So will prevent your computer from being qualified. Upload to: cam. Afterburners. Com (not the CAM Canada Professional Programs website). You will find your saved Computer Qualification Exam file located on your desktop for uploading. You can also refer to the step-by-step installation video located at: http:// Page 9 7. Additional Practice Template For candidates wishing to practice using the Secure Student software prior to completing a practice case exam assignment, an ‘Additional Practice’ template is available.

This template can be used as often as a candidate wishes. Each time the template is used, you must do “Get exams and licenses” to retrieve the template again. When the Additional Practice template file has been saved to the candidate’s computer, it will automatically be decrypted so the candidate is able to see their completed file. The decrypted files can be found on your computer in a folder called “Secure Student. ” Please note: Decrypted files are only available with the ‘Additional Practice’ template.

The practice case exam assignments (MAMA, MAMA , MAMA) and the actual Case Exam will be saved to the candidate’s computer in an encrypted format. Case Assign meets prior to beginning the exam and launching the Secure Student software aerogram, please read through the following instructions. For the practice case exam assignments, candidates need to do the following within a 4 hour, 25 minute time frame. (This time frame provides for 20 minutes to download and print the Additional Information, take the 4-hour exam (which includes reading the AY) and 5 minutes to upload the file to the Professional Programs site. 1 . Have on hand a hard copy of the Backgrounder for the exam being written. 2. For the practice case exam assignments, candidates are required to retrieve and print out the Additional Information (AY) located in the assignment page. Candidates should access and print out a copy of the AY within 20 minutes as the AY is time and date stamped, and recorded. Once you enter the Secure software, you will not be able to access the Professional Programs website, the Backgrounder or the Additional Information. Therefore you must print them before entering the Secure site.

Markers will be checking that candidates have completed the entire exam process within the 4 hour and 25 minute time frame. Candidates will see the following screen shot after they click on the link to the AY and this warns about the time and date stamp feature. Should you go beyond the allotted time, please notify your provincial office specifying the reason. Page 10 3. Save and close any other open programs on your computer prior to running the Secure Student application. 4. Launch Secure Student by doubling clicking the icon located on your desktop. 5. Click on “Login and take an exam. 6. At the “Exam Credentials” dialog, enter your Surname (your email address) and click “K” to continue. 7. Select the “Quit the USB Test” in the USB Drive Backup Wizard. 8. Select your exam. IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you select a practice case exam, you will not be able o use any other program on your computer until you end the exam. Ensure that a hard copy of the exam Backgrounder and Additional Information is printed before starting a practice case exam. To exit out of the “Select Exam” screen, select the “cancel” feature and File, exit from the top of the screen.

Page 11 Upon entering the exam, you will have access to the exam writing software which may take a few moments (especially on older computers and those with limited RAM memory). If your computer reboots in the middle of a Practice Case exam, you will need to have the Proctor Password to re-enter the exam. Password: page 9. Writing your Practice Case Exam Assignment Candidates should take no more than four hours to write the response for the exam. The Professional Programs website will record the date and time that the Additional Information is downloaded/opened as well as when the response is uploaded to the site.

Candidates are allowed a total of 4 hours and 25 minutes for the exam writing process (from the time the Additional Information is downloaded/opened to the time the response is uploaded to the Professional Programs website). While writing your exam, your file will be automatically saved every 60 seconds. Note that, once the Secure footwear is launched and an exam is selected, candidates will be unable to access the Professional Programs website to retrieve the case materials.

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