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My initial thoughts of being a student in higher education has been changing as the months have gone by with my first set of thoughts being optimistic as I had never attended a university before and was not sure Of what to expect. The first week was tough for me as attendance was being pointed out, having students turning up to lectures late, proving to be a distraction. I am understanding that I am on a professional course where being on time is key to having a professional image.

To start of with we had to attend certain rooms to show our exam results, get our student ID and attend a lecture at a specific time. This all seemed chaotic as their was never ending queues for both and by the time attended both I had missed the lecture, giving me the impression of the university being disorganized. Once my real lectures began enjoyed meeting my class, getting along well which feel is because we are all aiming for the same goal. Unlike school where you get a disrupting pupil, In my class feel everyone is mature and respectful of each other and as a lass we set up class rules which we follow.

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I have learnt a lot of team working skills through group discussions and group activities, learning to respect others opinions. As soon as was getting to know my tutor and my class their was more disruption, splitting up and forming new classes for a separate module. I was not keen on this idea as was settling perfectly in my original class, feeling the universities disorientation again. Within my new class, I noticed we all had mixed feelings about the situation at hand and we all agreed we needed to peep our minds open, adapting to my new class but feel struggled with the socializing as only saw them once a week.

One thing have noticed is that the role of being an adult learner has been shown throughout all my modules, having weeks off to complete set work. I have a module set to complete in my own time which I’m finding hard, having not being taught a lesson on it. Their seems to be no structure to this module with tutors being unsure, being told little about it. Another module has proven to be tough as the module study guide told us one thing where as the doodle leader had told us another.

Confusing occurred again, feeling unsure and unstable Of what I needed to do. I felt confident in talking to my class mates where we all spoke to our tutor who was very supportive, helping us find out what we needed to do. I have learnt that can’t expect things to fall into place, I need to be an adult about it all. Overall, feel my thoughts on my role is to be the best can be and achieve my goals of becoming a adult nurse through attending all my lessons and working hard, completing my assignments.

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