Second Chances Assignment

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We all have those moments where we wish we had a redo button that magically fixed embarrassing moments, mistakes, and incorrectly phrased words. Unfortunately, life doesn’t quite work like that. There is, however, a little redo button we are given every once in awhile. This button is a second chance. I believe in second chances. I believe in using hindsight to learn from mistakes. I believe that failure is the key to ultimate success. Whenever I make a mistake, I hope to have a second chance.

While second Hansen are not easy to hand out, they provide people with an opportunity to evaluate the situation and realize what can be improved. I believe that without second chances, I would try to bury my mistakes rather than learn and grow from them. Math class is notorious for a one shot chance: Do the homework, turn it in the next day, and take the test. For one math test I took, I felt as ready as ever going into the test. As soon as it was laid out in front of me, I nearly forgot everything. I was mortified.

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In a time where all I wanted to do was cry, I flipped the pages of my test endlessly in hopes that all of what I learned would come back to me. It didn’t. At the end of class, I shamefully handed in my half-filled test to my teacher. I tried to explain why I couldn’t finish my test, but didn’t know what the reason was. She sensed my distress. A few days came by and I redid every assignment, memorized every formula, and prepared myself to talk to my teacher about my test. The decision was made and I was able to do a retake. I felt relieved, weightless.

However, I knew hat because I was given this rare opportunity, I had to put all that much effort into proving that I deserved it. I studied harder than I ever had for a math test, and it was worth it. I showed that I earned that second chance and I learned how to better study for upcoming tests. Second chances are not only close to home, but can be seen on a nationwide scale, as well. Former President Bill Clinton is a famous example of that. At the face of impeachment due to a sex scandal with an intern, the Senate decided to give Clinton a second chance and acquit him.

He went on to finish two terms as President of the United States. Despite the controversy, Clinton prevailed and proved that he was fit to be a respectable political figure. He left the office with the highest approval rating of any United States president post World War II, and to this day, he continues to make a difference in society through his philanthropic and humanitarian aides throughout the world. Had the citizens of the United States decided to impeach President Clinton, he would not have been able to accomplish the great things he did for our entry.

Bill Clinton is a prime example of making the best of a second chance and proving that they are important in society. From something as minor as a math test to as major as the President of the United States, second chances can be seen everywhere and they can perform miracles. Sometimes people need the first chance to fail and learn from. Mistakes are plenty, and there’s no denying that we all make our fair share of them. Through a second chance, you learn to not rest on your morals and to improve upon yourself beyond what was possible the first time.

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