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Math, as well as reading, is also an important factor which plays a critical role in determining how successful a child will be in school and beyond. Children with diverse learning abilities will experience some difficulties with learning math skills and concepts. However, they should and can learn a level of functional math that will enable them to go about their daily activities. The basic operational skills of math establish a foundation for learning more complex skills involving basic and technological skills.

There are many factors the need to be taken into consideration when talking about a child’s ability to develop mathematical competence. Reading, writing, memory and other cognitive skills contribute to a child’s ability to learn math. Not being able to read or write or capable of only partially comprehending assignments or math problems will impact a child’s math performance. Also, because of the developmental and sequential nature of learning math, children who experience difficulties early are more likely to increase their difficulties as they mature.

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Before teaching children with diverse learning abilities, the teacher needs to determine their level of mathematical readiness. For children to develop more advanced skills they must have a broad and experiential base of essential math concepts and a willingness to learn. There are four basic operations of math; they are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Each one of these operations is important for a child to learn and understand as they create a foundation, a base upon which they are able to expand on.

There are also associated mathematical concepts which are especially important in daily living. The ability to use fractions, tell time and count money. In order for a teacher to be effective in teaching children with diverse learning abilities they must fully understand the foundational basis of computing math problems. Without a well established foundation, teachers will experience difficulty in planning and sequencing the skills necessary for children to learn.

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