Season Descriptive Assignment

Season Descriptive Assignment Words: 390

Are the birds peacefully hiring, or are the waves violently crashing into shore? Can you smell the salty air? Can you feel the icy breeze striking your face? Your job is to construct an essay about a day during your favorite season in thorough, specific detail. You need to write in a manner that will appeal to your readers. Show significance and meaning of your favorite season throughout your writing piece by providing a vision for your readers, using sentences that show rather than tell, and using details that evoke all of the senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell).

Try to make an exciting introduction that will hook your reader, and remember that you must end your writing piece appropriately. Point of view: you must write in the FIRST PERSON. Example: The word “dog” can be interpreted in a variety of different imaginations. Your reader might be thinking of a two-pound, chocolate-brown Chihuahua. Another reader might be imagining a 140-pound, black-and-white-speckled Great Dane. Notice the more precise adjectives? The precise breeds are used as descriptive nouns. In addition to detailed adjectives and nouns, you should also have detailed verbs.

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Think of the difference between having these two dogs “interacting” and “barking playfully” with each other. Requirements: Describe your day during your favorite season in 3-5 paragraphs. Make sure each paragraph is clear and organized. (Include introductory sentence, body, conclusion sentence. ) Write a focused, descriptive essay using precise, unique and vivid detail (be sure to consider all senses). Carefully consider what point you are trying to make about the season and make sure all details are clear to the reader. Title the essay with a unique title that captures the essence of the essay. Ex: A Scorching Summer Day; Blooming into Spring) Face- Focus Correction Areas: As a reminder, Face are items you will be graded on. However, you should still be paying close attention to items such as spelling and grammar. Type these in the upper right hand corner across from your heading. Your Face for this assignment are: Paragraph Structure 120 (Topic sentence, detailed evidence, conclusion) Figurative Language /30 (At least one of each: simile, metaphor, personification) Imagery (At least two of each: touch, asset, smell, sound, sight) Helpful Tips: Provide purpose for your day during your favorite season writing piece.

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