Defination Assignment

Defination Assignment Words: 425

Definition A lot of problems In life. Arguments. And writing arise from the fact that the people involved in the discussion have a different understanding of the concept they are discussing. They think that they’re on the same page, talking about the same thing, using the same word, but in reality, they are defining the concept differently.

Defenseless are Important not Just when learning vocabulary, but also when you are talking about something and using it as a point of reference. Think about some of the example we discussed in class: hero, love, life, wealth, happiness. When writing (and speaking too), you want be as clear and detailed as possible about what you’re talking about, and one way to do that Is to define the term/ concept. Define what you’re going to be writing about for your reader so that you establish a common ground for dialogue.

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The reader may still disagree with your opinion on the matter, but at least the disagreement will have merit in that it stems from the evidence you provide or the rhetoric you use to argue it, and not from the reader defining the term differently from you. Establishing a solid definition for the concept you are investigating In your assay is like laying the foundation for the house: it determines the strength, success, and satisfaction of the final product. Assignment: Please write an essay In which you define a term.

This can be any term of your choice, just make sure that it’s something that can be thought of in multiple ways (although most terms can be so this shouldn’t be an issue). You may choose anything that interests you and I encourage you to have fun with this assignment, lust be wary of being overly offensive and/or obnoxious. Establish your definition In the Introduction your essay so that the reader Is not confused later on. You may reference pig. 4-81 in the book on different ways of defining a concept.

This is not exactly an official “5 paragraph essay” (although you need to have an intro and conclusion), but I am looking for a detailed, critically thought about, meticulously defined term that Is then followed with an essay on the topic. For example, if I choose to write about the concept of “hero,” need to define what I mean when I say “hero,” and then will proceed to talk about an example of who/what find to be a “hero” and why.

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