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To Kill a Mockingbird Character Definition Essay You should be through the first section of the novel and have developed some ideas about the characters. For example, you know of Scout’s feelings about school, people who are different from her, her friends, etc. Scout can be considered a tomboy. Many of her actions are the equivalent of a young boy’s and definitely do not reflect a female influence in her life. Therefore, your first assignment is to write a definition paper defining Scout as a tomboy. There are a few things you must remember: ? give a definition of the term to be defined o In this case, your word is tomboy.

This word must be thoroughly explained in your own words, not the dictionary definition, in your introduction. Your body paragraphs can build and exemplify the concept you are defining. Make sure you end with a thesis statement. ? create a three step outline for your paper o You must come up with three main ideas (your Roman numerals) that are characteristics of tomboys. Break those ideas down further by explaining the concepts. Then, give at least two supporting details relating to Scout from the book. ? DO NOT WRITE COMPLETE SENTENCE EXAMPLES FROM THE BOOK. COME UP WITH YOUR OWN BRIEF DESCRIPTIONS. footnote all specific examples from the novel o Footnotes consist of the author’s last name and the page number from which the example came Ex: (Lee 29). **notice the punctuation! ? examples must be thoroughly explained o Don’t just “throw in” an example without explaining its importance. Each specific example needs a MINIMUM of two commentary sentences. ? Commentary sentences explain the example by detailing author purpose, explaining character motivation, etc. ? Each body paragraph needs AT LEAST four specific examples This essay should be a minimum of 500-700 words. (That’s approximately 2 –3 pages).

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