Scientific Method and Bermuda Triangle Assignment

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Scientific Method and Bermuda Triangle BY illentum6767 The Truth! The Bermuda Triangle is a location where many ships and aircrafts have claimed to disappear. It located near Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. When connecting the three locations, it makes a triangle, which is why it is called the Bermuda Triangle. Many of people have claimed that the disappearances of this ships or aircrafts with it crew members is due to paranormal or extraterrestrial activities. These are false statements.

The Bermuda Triangle does not exist and by using the search model: tate the claim, examine the evidence, consider alternative hypotheses, and rate according to the criteria of adequacy of each hypothesis. By using these four steps and describe an experiment. These will help prove that the Bermuda Triangle does not exists. Step one, state the claim. From the best understanding of The Bermuda Triangle, how it works is by paranormal or extraterrestrial activates, which are the causes of these mysterious disappearance of the ships and or aircrafts.

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According to how The Bermuda Triangle work, Ship or aircraft enters the triangle and there no trace or hat has happen to them. This is important, because if one what to understand The Bermuda triangle, one needs to understand how the process works. Step two, examine the evidence for the claim. The argument is at paranormal or extraterrestrial have taken these ships or aircrafts. This makes a bad argument because there is no evidence that either or even existence. What make it harder to believe, is that if it did happen, why has anyone reported these event while it occur or prior to the events.

By understanding what evidence is for the claim, one can better Judge the event. Step three, consider alternative hypotheses. There are many ways this that could have happen, which one would call it Natural explanation. For example, human error. It is possible that the crew could have got wrong information which could have been the reason for the disappearance or violence weather, where it is possible that the crew could have been taken out in one mighty wave blow.

There could be many reason why the ship or aircraft could have not made to it from point A to point B but also one have to have to think claim itself. Which is more likely to happen, a wave that ave taken out the a ship or alien abduction. There have been make records that a ship have fallen to elemental reason, but how many record of alien abduction. One also need think of the claim itself. Which is more believable, that Sam drove to school or teleported to school. It is normal for one to drive to school, but its another story for one to teleported to school.

Since it is normal for young adult to drive to school, one does not need much evidences, but if sam claim to teleported to school, then it is out of the norm and would have to need more evidence because it is a supernatural vent which need supernatural evidence. Final step, rate according to the criteria of adequacy of each hypothesis, in this step, I’m going to use the five criteria to determine the validity of the claim. The five criteria will contain, Testability, Fruitfulness, Scope, Simplicity, and Conservatism. lm also going to use my own hypothesis to compare the Bermuda Triangle hypothesis.

My hypothesis is that human error or bad weather is the cause of the disappearance of the ships or aircrafts. Testability, is the hypothesis testable, this will determine of the hypothesis is true of false. The Bermuda triangle is testable and also bad weather can be tested. Fruitfulness, the best hypothesis can make prediction or build on the info is already given. One can’t really make a guess with the Bermuda Triangle, because one doesnt know much on how it works, but with bad weather, one can predict an outcome depending on the how dangerous the weather is.

Scope, which can best explain the phenomena better. One does not know much on how the Bermuda triangle works beside a ship enter the triangle region and weeks pass, the ship disappear , but on the other hand, one can have a better understanding on bad eather and how it works, because there have been many records of it and on how bad weather can sink a ship. Simplicity, if all things are equal, the simpler and less complex the theory the better. One can try to explain why alien would abduct ship in the Bermuda triangle region, but that would be extremely complex and hard to comprehend.

One can have a better understand how bad weather can determined the sail of ship and the chances the ship is taken when sailed on bad weather. Conservatism, a theory or hypothesis that is consistent with what we already know and or establish. The idea that paranormal or extraterrestrial haven taken ships and or aircraft goes against everything this is already established, because there already no proof of paranormal activities and there has been no discoveries of extraterrestrial, but we do have lots of information on human error and weather to determine how the ships has sunk.

By using the previous hypothesis, one can make a prediction. To further disproof The Bermuda Triangle, by making an experiment with both having equal opportunity, the best outcome will determine the validity of The Bermuda Triangle claim. In this xperiment I will be using two types of research methods. Experimentation with controlled variables, this would help eliminate as much as possible other possible explanations of the phenomenon.

Experimentation with a control group, this would help compare witch had the best result. To start of with this experiment, one ship with go around the Bermuda triangle and the other will go straight through. Both will have a full tank of fuel and a navigation system. This experiment would start on a raining, clear, and cloudy day. At the end of the experiment, if the ship goes through The Bermuda Triangle, and disappear then if provides that some source of paranormal or extraterrestrial active is involved.

If both ship arrive from point A to B then is prove that there is not paranormal and or extraterrestrial activities are not involved and it was nature or human error, maybe even both are the causes of these disappearance of the ship or aircraft. The chances of any ship or aircraft is likely not to happen because of the previous hypothesis of the five criteria, which help disclaim The Bermuda Triangle existiesting. Your assignment is to write a 3-5 page essay in which you use the tools developed lass to examine and evaluate a pseudoscience.

You should begin by picking a pseudoscience to examine. A Google search or a search on Wikipedia will yield numerous results. Then you should employ the SEARCH method to evaluate that pseudoscience. As a reminder, the SEARCH method consists of four steps: 1 . State the claim: what exactly is being claimed. We should try to be as detailed and clear as possible when we perform this step. 2. Examine the Evidence for the claim: what arguments are made on behalf of this claim? Are they good arguments or bad arguments? Do the arguments commit any fallacies? Consider Alternative Hypotheses: are there any other possible explanations for the claim being made, perhaps a simpler explanation (Ockham’s razor) or an application of Hume’s maxim? 4. Rate, according to the Criteria of adequacy, each Hypothesis: We should apply our earlier criteria for evaluating and deciding between competing hypotheses: Testability, Fruitfulness, Scope, Simplicity, Conservatism. Finally, you will conclude the essay by describing an experiment that could test the validity of that pseudoscience. Be sure to consider controlling variables, the use of a control group, nd double-blinding.

A successful essay will contain 7 paragraphs: 1 . An introductory paragraph in which you describe what you will be doing in the essay and take a stand on the plausibility of the pseudoscience you will be writing about. It might be helpful to offer a brief history of the development of the pseudoscience here as well. 2. A paragraph devoted to each of the four steps in the SEARCH method. 3. A paragraph describing your experiment. 4. A conclusion in which you summarize the essay and draw some conclusions about the validity of your pseudoscience.

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