Ode To Hockey Assignment

Ode To Hockey Assignment Words: 283

The thrill of scoring a winning goal, the sound of skates being sharpened. The fresh tape Job you put on your stick before every game. The moments you share with your teammates that will last a life time. The road trips, games on back to back nights and the lack of sleep due to games finishing late. The crunch noise your body makes when you hit the boards leading to sometimes broken ribs, separated shoulders, concussions and broken legs. Nothing can compare to scoring a game winning goal to a hockey player is like winning the lottery.

Players go through tough practices skating until they feel like puking, the preparation done before every one of the 82 games played Just to try and salvage enough points to make it into the playoffs. Then you have to go through as many as 28 more terrific grueling games. In the end it all becomes worth it because two lucky teams get a chance to compete for one of the most historical sports championships the Stanley cup. The emotions Just pour out of the players leaving them speechless they have completed something they have reamed of since they were little kids.

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Getting there names engraved into the trophy placing them with some of the greatest players in history. The winners complete their year with every single player spending a day with the cup. For the select few that may have had a breakout or an amazing year may win one of the many scoring titles given out. The best part for the players is they go and do the exact same thing in for some as few as 3 months.

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