Assignments and Lab Reports Assignment

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Importance in contributing to scientific knowledge. Grab your lab coat and get ready to design your own experiment. In this assignment, you Will be doing things: Evaluate an experiment. Designing your own experiment using the scientific method. Part l: Evaluate An Experiment Review each scenario below and choose ONE to complete for part I of your assignment. Read the scenario, and answer the questions using concepts learned in the lesson. Be sure to respond to each question in complete sentences and with supporting detail. Choose only ONE of the four scenarios below.

Part is worth 10 points. Scenarios (only select one): Scenario 1 Scenario 2: Scenario 3: Scenario 4: Part II: Designing an Experiment For the second part of your assignment, you get to apply the scientific method to a real life situation. Just as you saw within the lesson, the steps of the scientific method can be used to address the problem of finding the best directions to the movie theater, figuring out how to get grass to grow in your lawn, determining what color light helps plants grow fastest, or answering a variety of other questions.

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Think about a scenario or problem that could occur in your life in which you can apply the scientific method to answer the question or solve the problem, Explain how you would follow each step to the scientific method and design an experiment. Please note that you are only describing what you would do at each step, you will not actually conduct the experiment. Part II is worth 20 points. Please be sure to write in complete sentences and use the “steps you need to include” and the rubric below to ensure you include sufficient detail.

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