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Save and submit your completed Lab Report to the appropriate weekly Dropped. Taking Corrections The instructions below provide basic guidance on taking corrections Of your labs 1. Complete the lab step that you would like to capture in a screens. 2. Make sure that the Window you want to capture is in the foreground. (click on the window if it’s behind other windows and/or partially blocked). 3. Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard to copy it to your clipboard.

On some keyboards, it is written as Print Scorn or Parts. 4. Click on your Lab Report (this document). 5. Scroll to the point in the Lab Report where you want the screens to appear. 6. Right click on your mouse and click paste, or press CTR V 7. Once your screens appears in your Lab Report, click on your lab and continue to the next step. Create your lab report using this template starting on page 2. It is not necessary to include this page in your lab report. Enjoy your lab!

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Name: Jason Hernandez Date: October 30, 201 1 professor: Barbara Johnson Elements Tutorial, How to use FL_abs Lab(II points) After reading the Elements lab Tutorial, answer the following fill-in-the-blank questions on how to access the labs. Question I: Cisco blabs Client Options (Enabled): _Active, Sun Java, Native Telnet (2 points) Question 2′. _ Personal Firewalls (i. E. Client based) must allow access to ports specified for specific Blab type, allow use Of our tunneling software if specified ports are blocked, or be disabled to gain access to the blab. 2 points) Question 3: Click the “_Access Lab” link on ‘Lab Content’ tab to launch the FL_ABA. (2 points) Question 4: Select _Start Lab Now on left frame of resulting lab console window to take a FL. Ah instantly (2 points) Question 5: Select _ Device Controls on the left frame of the lab console window to schedule blab for a future day/time. (2 points) Troubleshooting TCP/IP Problems Lab(30 points) Paste a screens of your completed Elements lab transcript found at (Home/ Account/InfOrmation/Transcript)_ Your name must appear on your transcript to earn full points. 5 points) Write a paragraph (minimum five college-level sentences) below that summarizes What was accomplished in this lab, What you learned by performing it, how it relates to this week’s Tacos and other course material; and just as important, how you feel it will benefit you in your academic and professional career. (15 points) In lab 1 1 found the instructions not so detailed so found myself not understanding the assignment as much I wanted to. Accomplished in this lab how to access and changed the user name password and how to access the command (com) screen. Ameliorated myself with the command screen and using the ping option. I found it difficult to locate the network monitor but after getting denied access found out how to log on as Adman and view the network and changed the foreground colors, must have made an error in the process because the IGMP would not change to red and ran out of time. This was a great lab and I just wish had a little more time. Copy and Paste the following crescendos from your Troubleshooting TCP/IP Problems lab below.

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