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Download the Webmaster course materials before viewing. View the Webmaster. Click on and read the article, A New Look at the Old – Immobility and Functional Decline: Avoiding the Spiral. Complete the post-test on up. 13-14 of the article, and record your answers on a sheet of paper. Use the key in the article to check your answers. You will not be graded on the number of items correct. Transfer your answers and the correct answers to the items you missed to this assignment document. Complete the reflections in Part B. Performance Objectives:

Apply gerontologist nursing principles and standards in nursing practice across the continuum of elder care. Distinguish normal and abnormal changes of aging and functionality in caring for older adults. Rubric Use this rubric to guide your work on the assignment, “Immobility and Functional Decline. ” Task Accomplished Proficient Needs Improvement Self-Assessment & Reflections (Total 15 points) On time (5 points) Submit By 0800 Monday Of Week [email protected] Com Complete (10 points) Partially complete (5 points) Late or not submitted (O points)

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A. Webbing Self-Assessment Record your responses to each test item. After completing the test, check your answers against the answer key in the article and record the correct answers for the ones you missed. (Your grade on this assignment is not dependent upon the number of correct answers but rather on your reflections in Part B. ) Item # Correct Answer 3. C 8. C 9. 8 II. D B. Reflections Record your reflections below, including what you may have learned during the self- assessment. What are the key points you have identified from this activity?

A key point I learned from this assessment is a person’s ability to transfer oneself is the most important ODL to an individual’s independence. I incorrectly answered the question with, feeding oneself, as the most important ODL. I concluded to this answer from the obvious fact that food is crucial to the life of a human and feeding oneself would be the most important in a person’s daily life. I do acknowledge that the ability to transfer oneself independently is the most important in daily living, without this ability a person is dependent on others to assist them in living wrought the day.

A person may need assistance to eat their dinner, but maintaining their ability to go anywhere they want is the most important to keeping their independence. How will you incorporate what you have learned into your practice? As a pediatric nurse, I plan to develop a more detailed activity goal in my nursing plan of care for my patients that would benefit from exercise and activity, such as post-surgical patients. When discussing the goals for the shift with a patient, I typically instruct vague instructions, such as “Take a walk around the unit before you go to bed.

After this article, I have concluded that a more detailed goal has more benefits for the patient, physically and psychological. A patient’s care plan that incorporates a structured and detailed goal related to activity will optimize the health of the patient. Creating goals, and working towards these goal is an important life skill for anyone, especially children. It creates self confidence, work ethic, and builds character. For example, a hospitalized child that works towards a goal and succeeds develops valued personality traits versus an unproductive child that spends the entire day watching TV.

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