Dramatic Irony Hamlet Assignment

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Dramatic Irony In Hamlet ; act II, scene I of the play; Hamlet finds out that his father was murdered by his own brother. Rather than him dying from a snake bit, that everyone else knows of. Hamlet had decided to act crazy and tell no one about what his father told him. His father told him that he wasn’t bite by a snake; Hamlets, fathers; brother put poison in his ear and killed him. After his fathers’ death, Hamlet didn’t know how to control his emotions.

Anguished, he laments his father’s death and his mother’s hasty marriage to his uncle. He remembers how deeply in love his parents seemed, and he curses the thought that now, not yet two month after his father’s death, his mother has married his father’s far inferior brother. Everyone thought that Hamlet was crazy in love, instead of grieving his fathers’ death and they tried to help him out. Ophelia was whom Hamlet loved. She ran to her father telling him that something was wrong with Hamlet and that he has been acting weird.

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Ophelia’s father, Pontius asks’ her if she had been following the directions that he had given her. He told her to stay away from him because he was crazy in love. Pontius came to a conclusion that Hamlet had been crazy in love with his daughter. Hamlets parents then send two of Hamlets close friends to further investigate Pontius theory. The best example of dramatic irony in the first two acts of Hamlet is that the audience knows of Hamlet’s desire to feign lunacy, while the other characters do not know.

By Ophelia thinking that Hamlet has gone mad, really shows how serious Hamlet is with this plan to get revenge for his uncle killing his father. Hamlet had planned to pretend to be crazy, so that no one would find out that he was plotting to kill his uncle Claudius and get revenge for the lose of his father. Ophelia has gotten the impression that Hamlet is crazy in love because of how she saw him acting, and what her dad told her.

Hamlet’s plan is to stage a play which will re-enact the murder of his father and then to discover whether Claudius is guilty of the murder or not based on his reaction to the play. As the play goes on it develops that characters. From reading and analyzing this scene, I’ve came up with an idea on what the play is going to be mostly based on. Judging by the fist two scenes, it will most likely be about revenge seeking and getting a point across. All of this develops the theme.

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