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Science Literacy Assignment Science is everything. Science is what allows everything on the face of the earth to exist. To study science is to study a structures physical and natural behavior. Science is what allows a human being in itself – to exist and continue studying how ourselves and everything around us came to be in existence. I believe that for one to be a good scientist, one must posses certain crucial attributes.

One of these attributes is determination, for one to be a successful scientist you must have determination to pursue your various hypotheses, no matter how tedious and long enduring they may be, and despite how many times they prove unsuccessful. Another attribute that I believe to be very important is curiosity, you cannot discover and project to find new things without possessing a large amount of curiosity and an exceptional sense of intuition. To be a successful scientist you must posses these critical attributes.

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A hypotheses is an educated guess of what one expects to happen after observing an experimental phenomena. People may reason many phenomena by proposing different hypotheses. For ones experiment to be successful a hypothesis must be proven right (to whichever extent) or wrong (inaccurate). A hypothesis is a posed statement of, IF this were to happen, THEN this will result. However it is very important to test these hypotheses under different conditions, if you only test your hypotheses under one condition, then in certain circumstances it may be proven incorrect.

Hypotheses must be tested under new conditions for many different reasons, one mainly being if your hypothesis is found true only to be tested under one type of condition, it may be proven false under another type of condition. One could very well formulate a hypothesis such as “If bread were to be placed in a small dark space for 48 hours untouched, then mold should begin to grow and appear. ” Now if this hypothesis were tested in a damp condition, then yes it is true that mold should begin to appear after 48 hours hypothetically.

However, if this were to be tested in a dry space instead of a damp space this hypothesis may be proven untrue as mold may not grow in said dry condition. This is Just a small example of why hypotheses must be tested in different conditions. Could you imagine if medical ormolus and experiments were only tested under one certain condition? That could result in utter chaos! In the pigeon homing experiment it is necessary to use more then one pigeon for multiple reasons.

All experiments should be tested more then once, you cannot base your conclusion off of only one result because it may vary between different living organisms. By testing an experiment more then once it allows the results to become more accurate and allow a scientist to draw a more accurate conclusion. In this experiment some pigeons may have higher amounts or Ron in their olfactory senses which could alter how effective their sense of direction is when homing, as well as vice versa.

Sexes of pigeons could also effect how well their homing could be, there are many different factors that could effect the results of this experiment, which is why it is necessary to test this experiment on more then one pigeon. This question I believe can strike up quite a controversial argument, as necessary disprove the existence of God but Just that prayer in itself does not lengthen a humans lifespan. I believe that in no way does this disprove the existence of God, the existence of God in someone life is completely partial to ones personal belief.

I believe that you cannot prove or disprove the existence of God. No I do not think it is necessary to have a large expensive laboratory to do scientific research in. You can do research simply from home, you do not need expensive tools do research. You can find science anywhere, many things in society were discovered simply on accident such as penicillin. You can make discoveries Just outside your home, and do research anywhere!

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