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Biol 160 Human Biology Quiz 1 Name:Layla Atkins DEFINITIONS (2 pts each) Define the following terms. Remember – you can’t use the word you are defining in its definition! 1. Homeostasis ??? The ability of an organism or cell to maintain the same internal environment regardless of changes in the external environment. 2. Metabolism ???The chemical reaction that occur in a cell. 3. Experiment ???Procedures used to test a hypothesis. 4. Control group ??? Subject(s) that goes through the steps of the experiment but is not exposed to or lacks the element being tested.

Used as the standard to compare results to. SHORT ANSWER (2 pts each) Give a short (1-2 answer to each of the following). For comparison questions, be sure to provide the necessary information on BOTH/ALL of the items being compared. 5. What are two (2) of the seven characteristics shared by all living organisms? Two of the characteristics shared by all living organisms are they are made up of cells and homeostasis. 6. Are viruses considered living organisms? Why or why not? No, viruses are non-cellular and require a host cell in order to reproduce. . What are two (2) components of a controlled study? Two components of a controlled study are a control group and test group. 8. What are two (2) differences between a hypothesis and a theory? Two differences between a hypothesis and a theory are hypothesis is yet to be tested and a theory is tested and supported hypotheses that are accepted to be true, and a hypothesis is a prediction of specific conditions based on observation and research, a theory is a general explanation based on existing results.

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MULTIPLE CHOICE (1 pt each) Select the best answer for each of the following. 9. The kingdom that contains humans is the kingdom a. Animalia 10. The level of organization that includes all individuals of the same species living in a given area is b. Population 11. The level of organization that includes two or more organs working together is c. organ system 12. A group of related hypotheses that have been repeatedly supported by many experiments is a d. theory

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