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They will also be asked to give a short description or definition of what media is. (5 minutes for each group and 10 minutes processing) Defining Media A teacher’s definition of media is crucial because it shapes how one practices and integrates media literacy in his/her subject area. Media has the following characteristics: 1. It conveys messages through visual, language, and/or sound. 2. Media messages are mass-produced for a mass-audience and are mediated by some form of technology.

Key Concepts of Media Messages 1 . All media messages are constructed 2. Each medium has different characteristics, strengths, and unique “language” of construction. 3. Media messages are produced for particular purposes. 4. All media messages contain embedded values and points of view. 5. People use their individual skills, beliefs, and experiences to construct their own meanings from media messages. 6. Media and media messages can influence beliefs, attitudes, values, behaviors, and the democratic process.

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Activity: Pictures relating to each concept of Media Message will be shown and the participants will relate to the concepts of media messages. (1 5 minutes) II. The Need for Media Literacy in 21st Century Learning and Teaching A. Principles of Learning in the 21st Century The first principle is the shift from education to learning The second one is the shift from consumption of learning to participation and production The third one is the shift from thinking about institutions to thinking about new works. B.

Merging Media Concepts with Teaching in Basic Education Media Literacy Education with Focus on Critical Thinking 1. Promote curiosity and the desire to question 2. Ongoing engagement in the process of inquiry Inherent skepticism 3. 4. Valuing good reasoning 5. Flexibility and open-mindedness C. Key Questions Teachers should ask when analyzing media messages Authorship purpose Economics Impact Response Content Techniques Interpretations Context Credibility Ill. Approaches to teaching media literacy in the basic education A.

General ways to integrate media literacy Replace generic examples, exercises or questions with media-related examples Identify “teachable moments” that occur when students are describing media they have encountered Model using non-print along with print media as information sources Have students apply the key questions to their writing and other creative projects Incorporate media literacy into the tidy of a new topic by adding media literacy questions Have students(or the class as a whole) develop “media literacy toolbox” Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different communication formats students might use to present their work.

Have the class collectively critique examples of visual presentations in preparation for creating their own Provide opportunities for students to communicate and collaborate with individuals outside of their school community through new media modalities Use media examples as part of the assessment at the end of a unit Identify ways in which your detent can publish or share their work with a wider audience using new media technologies. Involve students in local community or service projects in which they can put their media literacy skills into action B.

Information Literacy Sources of Information Media Gatekeepers Internet credibility C. News Literacy, Journalism, and Current Events The nature of news Lesson ideas Discussing current events IV. Integrating Media Literacy into specific content areas: Examples will be provided on how media literacy can be integrated in the following us abject areas: Language Arts Social Studies Science Math Day 3 Training Module (April 24, 201 5, Friday, 1 – 3:pm) Integrating Media Concepts to Grade School Mathematics I.

Demonstration teaching of a Sample Lesson Plan integrating the use of a media (graphs and ad analysis) Introduction: The small group will be given a copy of an advertisement and there will be a short discussion about. Presentation: The group will relate the advertisement to the math lesson for discussion. Enrichment: Other media will be presented which can enrich the given lesson. Expansion: The math lesson will be extended by integrating it to other subject areas sing different media II.

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