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The main goal that I have set for myself in this written assignment is to make people aware of what we are doing altogether. I have tried to do it by surprising the audience: the article starts with praising president Barack Obama for the goals he has achieved, but meets a turning point halfway. Then some light is shed on the global warming and climate changes.

I used the word superlative black hole in two ways: first as the black hole in Beam’s mind, referring to global warming which he seems to have forgotten about, then it is used as a consequence of our way of life: lack holes and other problems are being created by our nuclear power stations. The illustration shows how Obama ‘uses’ nature, or the money that should be spend on our planet, to support our banks, so to get rid of the financial crisis. I used an illustration in order to get the attention of the people who are reading the newspaper.

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It has been a challenge for me to write a credible article, related too current event and at the same time impossible to happen in less than a few months. LONDON – Barack Hussein Obama has been our beacon of hope from the first day of is election. In half a year now, he has been able to help the Americans to unite in order to defeat their ominous enemy of the economic disaster. Unfortunately for president Obama, a growing number of people throughout the whole world notices why he is suddenly the one being able to save this superpower from crises.

All energy, time and money usually spread among various problems, now have been spent on finance and war only. The direct problems he had to face made him forget about long-term effects, effects his predecessors always have kept in mind. Obama seems to have done the right thing with obvious and instant difficulties, but a superlative black hole in his mind might create the biggest problem this world has: global warming. It has been six months now, since America welcomed her first black president on his presidential acceptance.

For the first time since 1932, a president started his presidency in a country filled with financial problems, collapsing banks and economical crises. The hope in the hearts of his people made him strong to show what a great successor Obama was. He helped America’s economy by taking the right decisions at the right moment and by injecting industries on the brink of existence with financial aid, as a growing number of companies started to balance due to stricter measurements taken.

His mission seemed impossible, until the whole world was able to testify how Obama took the challenge to restore the international damaged status this superpower had and succeeded. While everyone is praising this savior from international problems, do we still think about the consequences and risks of his untruthfulness? Concerning he views of the American people on the environment, a growing number of people feels that the environment has suffered long enough as a result of mankind’s greed.

The day AY Gore introduced his Inconvenient Truth, global warming became the new world-wide disaster and an explosion of news overwhelmed us the weeks after. It was subsequently followed by a wave of global warming fatigue through America and right now, The Inconvenient Truth seems to look a lot like a religion of which global warming is showing a worldwide climate change, other scientist foreshadow new possible consequences for our future. By many, the end of our Planet is predicted due to ultrasonic’s starboards from superlative black hole-induced outflows and other dangers threatening the world.

With every danger comes an other explanation of how this could have been prevented, if we had kept our Planet Earth in mind and if we had treated it with more love and respect. And whether these predictions are true facts or Just frightening myths, we can not ignore the fact that the climate is changing. The past few years we have seen more floods, more hurricanes and more extinct animals due to drastic climate changes than ever before. Stringent measures to protect what is still left will have to be taken sooner rather than later, for it is our duty to restore what is damaged by us.

What this planet desperately needs is a man who is able to take stringent measurements in order to stop global warming and worldwide natural catastrophes. A man with enough power to close nuclear power stations and air-polluting factories. A man, powerful enough to unite this world in order to save ourselves from our worst enemy, en enemy we have been creating ourselves the past decennial. President Barack Obama has got the power to help us save our planet, but seems to lack the knowledge of the consequences of our deeds.

Nevertheless, no president has ever saved a country from the brink of crisis in so little time and no leader has given us so much hope for the future from the day of his presidential acceptance, gaining a growing amount of fans with his outstanding plans. Right now the time has come for us to stand up and remind our powerful president of his superlative black hole, or, assuming that improvement will still be a possibility, a superlative black hole will take over his power to castigate for the purpose of improving.

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