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There are different licensing requirements and legal authority that govern private security in each state. These differences govern every aspect of behavior that private security must follow. They include training courses as well as registration. Also discussed in this essay is the legal authority of security guards over the legal authority of public law enforcement officers. The role of any security guard is basically the same in any state. In New York, security has several key functions they just perform so they are able to provide his or her employer with professional protective services.

The first task they are responsible for is keeping a certain area secure and free from intruders or other criminal activities. Another key responsibility is to protect people from becoming harmed and also protection from property damage. Each individual company determines which tasks security personal are responsible for since they are considered private. Security personnel are also responsible for monitory and servicing the given area. This is achieved through CATV Amerada and patrolling. Access control is part of the Job description.

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This can be achieved by use of scanners as well as through having a security guard present at each access point of the property. Reporting any incidents that occur and giving a clear and concise report can be the difference between changing a security risk or creating a new one. In New York State there are several requirements that have to be met before someone can become a security guard. These requirements came about because of The Security Guard Act of 1992. This Act requires that a person sister and receive training before they are allowed employment in the security field.

A potential applicant must register with The New York State, Division of Licensing services. The mandated training is overseen by The Division of Criminal Justice Services, Office of Public Safety. The training involves an 8 hours of Pre- Assignment Training course that must be completed before registering with the Department of State for a Security Guard Registration Card. There is an additional 16 hour course has to be completed on the Job. Within 90 days, this training must be employed on the Job.

Every year an 8 hour In-service Training Course must be completed so the security guard is able to continue employment. For armed guards there are different requirements that are acceptable for employment. They must possess a valid NYSE pistol license and also complete 47 hour Firearms Training Course for Security Guards. This must occur before they apply for a Special Armed Guard Registration Card. After completion of the 47 hour firearms course, the guards must complete an additional 8 hour training course annually to continue experience (New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, 2013).

New York State has very specific laws governing legal authority of security guards. Security guards in NYSE have the same legal authority as that of a private citizen. Arrest procedures will depend on the policies and legal rules of the employer they work for. The power of arrest is very different for a security than it is for a law enforcement officer. Security guards have certain criteria that must be met before they are allowed to make a citizen’s arrest. The first criteria is the offense must have actually appended and the person making the arrest must have seen the offense occur.

Belief or probable cause is not good enough for a security guard to make an arrest. Law enforcement officer’s power of arrest is quite different. They must show only probable cause that a crime has occurred and there is no need for the officer to witness the crime. It is easier for police officers to make an arrest than it is for a security guard. The security guard must then contact law enforcement after arrest so they can complete the Judicial process (Radiant Training, 2012). NYSE has very pacific regulations when it comes to training for a security guard.

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