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Examples of Curriculum Topics include, but are not limited to, adhering development, administrative procedures, detention procedures, investigative reports, policy guidelines, communication, reporting requirements, technology, and ethics. During this week there was an incident in were gang members hanging in front of the school provided a huge alert in then neighborhood. I immediately contacted Detective Lorenz in which he acted quickly by sending a patrol car to the school. The issue was resolved in a timely and effective manner. 2.

How do the agency’s practices compare with theories, concepts, and iterate discussed in your Public Administration or Criminal Justice Administration courses? While in most Public Administration and Criminal Justice Administration classes was able to see that a great communication is definitely a very important factor in order for the system to run as smooth as possible. 3. Briefly describe the assignments and tasks that you performed this week. What are your personal feelings about these assignments and tasks? How would you evaluate your job performance in regards to these assignments/ tasks?

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In this incident I was just observing a group of students who were smoking pot. I called Detective Lorenz from the 77th SST LAP CLEAR program. He immediately sent a patrol car to the school. My feelings towards this incident are great after calling in the unusual occurrence. I believe that may have impacted a students life having the officer arresting them and giving each one fine. 4. Describe any unusual occurrences or unanticipated activities in your office this week. Explain why you think these were unusual or unanticipated. This week in the office something very unusual happened, that were quality of life issues.

At John Mir Middle School, a couple of students were smoking marijuana right outside of class. This was very unusual because normally a teacher aid would be roaming the halls making sure things like that don’t occur. 5. Describe any organizational issues or problems that you became aware of this week. If you were in charge, what recommendations would you make to deal with these issues or problems? Did not see any organizational issues or problems this week in the office. Loud recommend more security to protect the kids before school and after school.

It will make the neighborhood more safe and convenient. 6. Describe one interpersonal interaction that you observed or were involved in during the week. Was this interaction positive or negative? Explain. Had a great interpersonal interaction with one of the LUAUS board members. We discussed how we can improve the security around the school, having the community get involved by having a neighborhood watch teams. 7. Describe one policy, practice, or incident that you observed this week that dad you think author agency is performing in an effective way.

I feel like contacting a detective of non-emergency occurrences is a solid procedure. Not only does the problem get resolved in a timely manner but it makes the detective aware of the quality of life issues around John Mir Middle School. 8. What questions would you like to ask or comments would you like to make about this week’s experiences? I have no questions this week because I clearly saw how effective their communication was. It mad me realize that without a structure a lot Of chaos would be occurring.

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