School as organisation Assignment

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Identifying the type of Laws and Codes of Practice 4. Describe how these will promote the pupil wellbeing 5. School policies and procedures 5. 1 Describe why schools have polices and procedures 5. 2 Identifying the policies and procedures in school 6. The roles of outside organization and achievement 6. 2 Other organizations This assignment will explain about all the different type of school that are available to teach pupil.

It will also talk about the different people involved in the educational system and the reason why they are there. There will also be discussion about the various laws and policy that are there to protect the pupil wellbeing and achievement. 1. What are the different types of school There are many type of schools that are available for students, one of the major differences is whether it is a state or independent, as that usually determine the kind of education that is available to all the students.

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These are some of the kind of school you can find available to the students :- (a) Grammar school (b) Community school (c) Boarding school (d) Faith school (e) College/University (f) Academy (g) Special school a) Grammar School – This school will select pupil based on their academic ability, they follow subjects on the national curriculum b) Community School – This school ill select pupil around the local area of the school and is normally linked up with the local businesses and council c) Boarding School – This school offers place to stay for the pupil while they are learning d) Faith school – This school will have pupil who share the same religious background or belief e) College/University – These type of school support the further and higher education to students and is cater not Just only for children but for adults too f) Academy – this type of school will usually teaches a few subject dedicated to one specialist subject. G) Special School – this school offer support and learning for people with special needs with physical or dyslexic No school are the same they could be teaching their subject to the same pupil but have different characteristic. As explain earlier one of the major characteristic of a school is if it a state or independent school, a state school is normally funded by the government or local council; whereas a independent school is funded by private means, through fundraising, private donation or sponsorship.

Other type of characteristic of a school could be :- (a) Admission policy (b) Age of Student (c) Subject(s) it teaches (d) Ideologies e) Staff and Facilities a) Admission policy – The school will select their student depending on the criteria it created on their admission policy. State school are normally free and open to everyone but a typical admission policy might required the financial support to pay for the student, the student must be in the local catchments of the school (I. E the student is living in a residential place within a certain mile of the school) or that the pupil’s belief will be from a certain religion or culture. B) Age of student – How old the student is determine the level of education that a student can received. 7 Nursery, 7-12 Primary, 12-16 Secondary, 17+ and adults college, university and other higher education school.

There are the first person to call by any child, for setting any dispute or argument or for reporting any incident of bullying, harassment or illegal activity. B) Teacher assistant – This person is similar to the teacher, but they are there to provide alp and support to children. They will acts as the substitute person, while the teacher is away and can provide support for the children who are having learning difficulties. C) Support staff- These are the caterer, administrator and Janitor. Their role is to ensure every child has a safe environment in which they can learn and nurture their well being. The Janitor deals with the cleaning and maintenance of the school, it his duties to report any incident of accidents, arguing and fighting in the school.

The caterers deal with children’s physical body, making sure that they have a lanced meal to ensure that the children develop their body properly. The administrator deal with the admission of visitor and children, they decide whether that person is allow into the school. They also deal with the child’s absentee, discipline and record any illness they incur at the school. D) Head Teacher – This person is the most senior member in charge of the school, The head teacher responsibility to acts as the final Judge in any disciplinary action or complaint within the school

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