Technology and School Assignment

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Learning through technology should begin with the very young; preschoolers can obtain technology skills by way of learning pre requisite skills for reading. Writing, and math. These classes use a host of software which makes learning fun while students engage and acquire essential foundational skills. From letter- sound associations to quantitative and other math concepts, children at this stage are exposed and learn about the new wave of the future. Elementary school students are using technology outside of the classroom, so It behooves teachers to use online textbooks tort math and science assignments.

English teachers demonstrate how websites can be utilized for gathering data for research papers and other assignments. For instance. Using websites like Noodle Tools to gather research for papers is done efficiently and made more manageable for teachers and students alike. Student are engaged in an academic process that is beneficial to them and will help with their future studies long after high school. Communicating with the International school community when researching other cultures can be Incorporated In a social studies class; It Is a means to connect dents with the global society. Sing Smart Boards for teaching lessons about American History, writing reports and essays and then sharing them with other American students in other classrooms gives students great exposure to the depths of technology while learning. Students in a language arts class can develop their creativity by story- telling using clip art and other applications that are pertinent. In science classes technology can be used by Skipping to explore a meteorologist at work from a local science museum or television station.

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The possibilities are endless for dents to learn, engage, and prepare tort the future by combining technology with instruction. Finally, high school students have not lost their inquisitive nature for learning more about technology. By using and incorporating technology in classes can only build onto their current knowledge Teacher can captivate and engage these older students by being innovative. Moreover, this type of instruction helps these young adults make the connections of school, knowledge, and career acquisition. For Instance, in a business class, students would learn about budgets and financial landing.

They would then In turn learn to create a financial budget using an excel program on a tablet- graphing the information they can see a concrete plan. Another example would be to assign students to develop and present a power point on the food chain of carnivores of the northwest region of America in a Science class they have Just studied. Finally, these technology integrated lessons not only engage and educate students, they empower them and raise their confidence and insight. By ‘ Off students to compete in the world on a more leveled field.

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