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The Business School and the University regards as a very serious matter the action of a student who acts dishonestly or improperly, including plagiarism or cheating, in connection with his or her academic work. Under University Regulation 6. 1. 1 “Plagiarism” is defined as “… The presentation of the works of another person / other persons as though they are one’s own by failing to properly acknowledge that person / those persons”.

Plagiarism may take many forms including: direct copying of sentences, paragraphs or other extracts from someone else’s published work (including on the Internet and in software) without acknowledging the source; paraphrasing someone else’s words without acknowledging the source; using facts, information, ideas, concepts or diagrams derived from a source without acknowledging them; producing assignments which should be the student’s own independent work, in unauthorized collaboration with and/or using the work of other people (e. . A student or tutor, or working in pairs or groups and producing similar assignments on individual assessment tasks not referencing accurately (e. G. To citing correctly the work you have actually read) and later using other students’ work (e. G. Taking discs, picking up other’s marked assignments) recycling your own work / assignments or “double dipping” (e. G. E-submitting whole or significant parts of assignments across units, across years or across courses) the Internet for sale) which is intended for submission for assessment, or which has already been submitted, so that it can be copied in part or whole and handed in by another student as that student’s own work. Students are warned against making assignments etc. Available to others, as they then could be regarded as a contributor to plagiarism and may be penalized as if they themselves had committed an act of plagiarism.

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Students are expected to be proficient with referencing and must always acknowledge any sources for work that is not their own. Inadequate referencing of cited materials is considered to be plagiarism. Details of referencing can be found on the following University web address: http://queering. Ballard. Du. AU/gasp/student/ learning_support/generalized/chic. HTML or http://www. Ballard. Du. U/current-students/learning-and-study/student-learning- skills/resources/downloads/avoiding-plagiarism Student’s Statement I have read and understood the information provided on this assignment cover sheet relating to plagiarism and other unacceptable behavior and therefore declare that the attached work is entirely my own, except where work quoted is duly acknowledged in the text, and that this work has not been submitted for assessment in any other course or program. Signature Date c CROSS provider NO. 30TH

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