Relationship Between Piggy and Ralph Assignment

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Ralph In order to complete this assignment one must look at too distinct characters. One is Piggy. Piggy represents the law and order of the adult world. He is the superego, the part of man’s personality, which attempts to act according to an absolute set of standards. Throughout the novel, Piggy attempts to condition the island society to mirror the society they all lived in When they were in England. Piggy’s continual references to his auntie demonstrate this philosophy.

He tries o pull Ralph towards the reason-oriented side Of human nature. The Other Character in the combination is Ralph. Ralph, a tall, blond. Twelve-year-old boy, establishes himself as the leader of the boys when he blows the conch shell to call the first assembly. Throughout the story, he struggles to maintain order, forced to compete with Jack for respect. The relationship between Ralph in Piggy is somewhat complicated. Lord of the Flies a novel by William Gilding begins with these two characters.

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One the first several pages the initial interaction between gigs and Ralph is described, At first Piggy is very eager to see that another boy beside himself has survived the plane crash. Piggy is very enthusiastic to introduce himself and get to know Ralph, In fact he is too enthused. This introduction partially alienates Piggy. However Ralph notices that Piggy is a competent individual and may he of value. Throughout the book Ralph is mean to Piggy. This comes in part from his security with him. Ralph knows that he is Piggy’s only defense.

Piggy is described s an outsider on page 21 when the narrator says “For a moment the boys were a closed circuit of sympathy with Piggy on the outside. Ralph, nonetheless, does start relying on Piggy’s policies. One of these policies is building shelters so that they would be protected. Ralph also likes Piggy’s idea of using the conch shell to call meetings. Ralph and Piggy are also exposed to the dark side together this brings them closer. This is portrayed on page 152, “Piggy and Ralph, under the threat of the sky, found themselves eager to take a place in this demented but artsy secure society.

They were glad to touch the brown backs Of the fence that hemmed in the terror and made it governable. ” Toward the end of the novel Ralph grows distant from Piggy, the good side, and grows closer to Jack, the anarchical side of human nature. However in the end it is shown that they were in fact friends. This is evident when the narrator states ” … Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the fall through the air of a true, wise friend called Piggy,” on page 202.

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