The Impact of Legislation Assignment

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Legislation impact. Legislation about health & safety. The health and safety training in CIT is important. They are many risks that could cause major office hazards. Risks The most common complained injuries are: Upper limb disorders Eye problems Headaches Fatigue Upper limb disorders affect the arms, from fingers to shoulder and neck. They are often called strain injuries, cumulative trauma disorder or occupational overuse syndrome. Using a computer for too long can cause bad eye sight. Your eye sight can tart to go blurry and put strain on your eyes so it is recommended to take breaks from the computer.

Headaches are also caused from eye strain and using the computer for too long. Being too close to the computer will put more stain on your eyes so it is recommended to sit a reasonable distance away from the computer. Fatigue is also known as tiredness describes a physical or mental state of being tired and weak. When you are tired you will start losing concentration on what you are doing and will affect your physical ability. The desk must be large enough to allow the monitors, keyboards, mouse etc to be in the correct place, they should have matte surface to avoid reflection glare.

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The desk should also be low enough to allow you to keep your forearms horizontal and high enough to allow your thighs to go under it. Elbows should be at an angle of at least 90 degrees with sitting at it. The chair must be high enough to allow you to sit comfortably over the keyboard, it should be a swivel chair with five castors so it will ensure that the chair is stable. If you are uncomfortable in the chair you must be able to adjust for your own comfort, the scarcest must be firm against your back and your feet should be flat on the floor.

The monitor should have easily adjustable brightness and contract controls to make sure the screen isn’t too bright for eyesight. It should also be easy to tilt or swivel and have no reflective glare. Make sure you sit far enough away from the monitor you are using; most peoples natural distance for comfortable vision is 20-24 inches. Lighting should be appropriate for all editing tasks such as reading the screen, keyboard work, paperwork and must not cause glare or reflections on the monitor. If they are any reflections or glare the monitor must be positioned to reduce it.

The keyboard should have a matte surface to avoid reflective glare, it should also be separated from the monitor and easily tillable with clearly marked keys. Keyboards should be easy to use such as the keys should not stick and the desk should be large enough to allow adequate space in front of it to position the hands properly. Computers generate heat but this must be controlled to a comfortable level, if necessary by the use of fans or air conditioning, the air must not be too dry or too damp.

Background noise must not be so high that you find it difficult to concentrate. In general you The Impact of Legislation By Commissions s oh d nave enough space to be able to change position and vary your movements Take regular breaks from the computer ideally five minutes every half hour, this will relieve eye strain. Equal opportunities. All organizations are obliged by the law not to discriminate against workers by reason of their: Age Disability Gender reassignment Marriage or maternity Race Religion or belief Gender Sexual orientation

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