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This reflection will be separated in to subheadings which are; Reflective Practice, confidence, qualifications and training, academic writing and IT skills Reflective Practice In my professional role I have encountered situations that have not been as successful as I would have liked. From studying the module “becoming an effective, reflective practitioner” I have been able to gain the confidence, knowledge and better understanding of how to reflect and the importance of reflecting In a professional practice (Appendix 4).

There are a number of reflective theorists; I personally can relate my situations to Kola’s (1984) Reflective Cycle as cited in (Clifford, J. Thorpe, S. 2007). After taking an intervention I can use the reflective cycle to help me evaluate in depth how the session went and if needed implement changes to benefit the situation if arises again. Reflection has allowed me to give accurate feedback to my peers as well as being beneficial to the children and my own personal development and learning. According to Jasper, M. 2003) reflective practices are one of the key ways in which a practitioner can learn from their own experiences. Confidence Confidence was down in appendix 3 as one of my weaknesses, this was shown through both my studies and professional practice. When struggling with both my academic studies and also on my intervention lessons I was not asking for the help when needed to support me when studying. This was fleeted in the outcome of both mine and the pupils learning as significant standards were not met which was shown in my assignment marks and feedback and also the progress of the children’s learning.

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Since improving my confidence up dating my appendix 4 1 have gained the confidence to ask for further support and advice when needed in both my professional practice and academic studies. Qualifications and Training Given that I have completed the primary stage of the Foundation Degree and have achieved a level four qualification in higher education, my education ability has improved since appendix 1 . This has allowed me the opportunity to apply for higher job roles, and has given me a better knowledge and understanding of safeguarding and mufti-agencies (appendix 2).

As a professional who works alongside multi agencies it is important to gain a greater understanding of their roles and responsibilities and also understand the importance Of communication within multi agencies and the effect it can have it not carried out appropriately. Carrying out research on communication has lead to (appendix 4) better communication skills, leading to being able to express ideas and also listen attentively to others. Academic Writing and IT Skills Since studying in higher education my IT (information technology) and writing skills have dramatically improved (appendix 4).

More competent writing skills can be seen in my updated version of my C.V. (appendix 2), which shows a paragraph on my profile to be written using an academic writing style in order to produce a shortened and more precise statement In my older C.V. (appendix 1) I have noticed the use of the same words throughout and my paragraph was very wordy this has also been reflected in previous pieces Of work. From reflecting on my old SOOT analysis (appendix 3) it has become apparent that my IT skills have improved this can be seen in my new C.V. (appendix 2) where it is set out in a more professional manner, compared to appendix 1 edition.

I am also able to demonstrate my knowledge of IT both at work when presenting reports on children who I teach which has led to positive feedback. IT has allowed me to research and locate resources for both college and supported me in locating resources for work that important to my role (appendix 4). In conclusion, by reflecting on an old and updated C.V. and SOOT analysis is has shown how much progress and change has been dad over the year both academically and professionally.

The main section that as a professional I have progressed is within my professional and academic skills is being able to reflect. I feel personally this is a skill that will constantly be improved on whilst studying and through my work-life. Although areas of my knowledge and learning have developed It still remains that further development be made for the future. While ever I am in education and in a professional role were further training is required, aspects of my C.V. and SOOT will require updating. Word count 961 Reference page Ackerman.

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